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moonlight outhouse

An Air Freshener for the Outhouse

Johnny Townsend: Trying to recover from all the damage caused by water pollution and carbon emissions and other toxins will cost the country a great deal more than the short-term profits waiting to be made now.

Rockaway Forgotten After Storm Sandy

Rockaway Forgotten After Sandy

Mark Naison: The people of Rockaway are again reminded that they are living in the land that God, and the City of New York has forgotten.

Social Justice

Netroots Nation in Detroit

Netroots Nation in Detroit: The Art of War and the War of Art

Rachele Huennekens: I heard a worker from OUR Walmart says she’s worried she won’t have a job next week when she returns from the conference, and I saw dozens of immigrant rights activists thrown out of Vice President Joe Biden’s speech for chanting “Stop deporting our families.”

Hitler Hated Unions

Adolph Hitler, Union Hater

Berry Craig: The unions strongly opposed Hitler, who wove his hatred of organized labor into his genocidal anti-Semitism. The latter resulted in the Holocaust, the systematic murder of six million European Jews. Many Jews were in unions, too.

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