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Education Reform

Astroturf Activism

Astroturf Activism and Corporate Education Reform

Yohuru Williams: While trying to give the appearance of popular support for their destructive actions, AstroTurf organizations like PennCAN actually cause injury.

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Climate Change

Climate Change Movement

With The People’s Climate March Behind Us, What’s Next?

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: TMoving to a carbon-free nuclear-free energy existence can be achieved by making homes more energy efficient and reducing energy use.

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Prison Reform

for profit prisons

Prison for Fun and Profit

Alex Friedmann: While people might question the notion of a privatized police force that benefits financially when people are arrested, allowing companies to profit when people are imprisoned has become an accepted norm

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Progressive Issues

Yes Means Yes

Scapegoating Means Scapegoating

Mike Males: But, if “yes means yes” is the right parameter for the revolution (a debate for another forum), why focus only on campuses? Both the 2009 paper and the CDC summaryon sexual violence find much more rape and sexual assault occur outside college than in.

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Immigration Reform

Chinese Immigration

When Immigration Isn’t a One-Way Street

Steve Wong: My great-grandfather came to California from China to work on the railroads, and our family has gone back and forth ever since.

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Middle East

How to Understand Moslems

Understanding Moslems

Munir Moon: Our leaders do not seem to learn from history or maybe this is how the Beltway wants it; a perpetual war to profit a few at an enormous cost to our children and young soldiers

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Ecomomic Justice

Beer Brewing Monopoly

Time for a Trust-Busting Beer Bust

Jim Hightower: Beware, ye who love local beer – do not just sit on your duffs, doing 12-ounce elbow bends, for here come the Big Brew Bastards again, bigger and more menacing than ever.

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Animal Rights

Pennsylvania Bans Pigeon Shoots

Gun Control Politics of Virtue

Walter Brasch: The Pennsylvania Senate, possibly for the first time in its history, stood up against the NRA leadership and extreme gun-rights groups, and voted to ban pigeon shoots.

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Law and Justice


Six Shocking Truths about Prisons

Sharon Kyle: At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations. Companies like Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, and Target are reaping major benefits from this captive labor pool.

ferguson 400px

What If We Disarmed the Police?

Jazz Hayden: If we are going to end the daily slaughter of black youth in this country we are going to have to hold the police civilly and criminally personally liable for all of their actions.

Police Racism

Another Tale of Two Police Departments

Cheryl Dorsey: I can’t guarantee it, but I can sure say with a level of certainty that if Jody Westby looked like me – black; things would have ended differently and not in a good way.

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Los Angeles

LAPD Detective Frank Lyga

Why LAPD Detective Frank Lyga Won’t Be Fired

Cheryl Dorsey: Errant police officers who have been found guilty of serious misconduct at a Board of Rights hearing have routinely been allowed to leave the department, in the middle of the night, under a cloud of mystery and suspicion. This is part of the LAPD culture.

Greek Theatre Contract

Big Change for the Greek Theatre?

Larry Wines: One obvious red flag is that Live Nation’s proposal includes a new “Greek Theatre Community Trust” — a fund controlled by Live Nation — “for the purpose of irrevocably receiving funds generated through a ‘special ticket sales program.'”

Obama Visits Los Angeles

Mr. President, Please Stop Visiting California

Joe Mathews: You take our money. You cause massive traffic jams. And you don’t pay attention to our biggest problems.

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Nuclear-Armed Submarines

Doom from the Depths

Lawrence Wittner: Taxpayers, particularly, might be concerned about the unprecedented expense of this new submarine fleet. According to most estimates, building the 12 SSBN(X) submarines will cost about $100 billion.

Is Military Power Useful

The Limits of Military Power

Lawrence Wittner: The lengthy and costly Vietnam War led to a humiliating defeat for the United States — not because the U.S. government lacked enormous military advantages, but because, ultimately, the determination of the Vietnamese to gain control of their own country proved more powerful than U.S. weaponry.

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Elections and Campaigns

allison lundergan grimes ahead

Allison Lundergan Grimes Hardly Done

Berry Craig: The election will boil down to turnout. Team Switch is confident they have built a mega-horsepower statewide grassroots, get-out-the-vote organization that’s hitting on all eight cylinders.

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