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Education Reform

Teachers Not Overpaid

Labor Day Assignment: Educating the Uninformed

Walter Brasch: When will we realize that teachers are not overpaid relative to others with the same education and experience, that they work more than the average workers—and only because of unions do teachers have the support to keep education from disintegrating into mediocrity?

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Prison Reform

Mass Incarceration Inhumanity

Mass Incarceration’s Real Problem: Inhumanity

Jonathan Simon: We may disagree on who belongs and who does not belong in prison, or on how long prison sentences should be, or what goals those sentences should be meted out to accomplish. But one thing we should not, must not disagree on, is that those prisons should be humane.

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Progressive Issues

Achieving Social Change

Timeless Relevance: “Turn, Turn, Turn” at 50

Frank Fear: The “me-first,” self-absorbed ethic is a well-developed social pathology. America, the patient, is in triage. It will take incredible energy and effort—undertaken with wise, strategic, and ingenious intent—to accomplish the “turn” this country so desperately needs.

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Ecomomic Justice

CEO Pay Excesses

Obamacare’s “Secret Trick” Could Cure CEO Pay Excesses

RJ Eskow: Expanding the ACA’s executive-pay provision to all companies, and improving its design even more, would begin the process of removing incentives for senior executives to put their companies at risk and disregard the needs of employees and customers.

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Middle East

Invading Syria Next

Just What We Need: Another War

Danny Schechter: Why look back? No one wants to learn anything! Iraq 2 was a disaster. Can we expect Iraq 3 to be any better?

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Immigration Reform

Obama Call Congress Back

Should President Obama Call Congress Back?

Brent Budowsky: Obama should take a page from Harry Truman in 1948: Prepare the most expansive executive orders on immigration that his attorneys believe is constitutional and call Congress back into session this month to pass a major program to dramatically increase spending to defend our borders.

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Law and Justice


Don’t Shoot: Respect, Guide and Inspire

Mark Naison: I am haunted by the death of Michael Brown because I have worked with young people in highly charged settings and have seen what they can accomplish when people who command their respect guide them, challenge them, inspire them and love them.

Michael Brown Family

Brown Family Should Seek Justice, Not Risk More Injustice From the System

Kevin Zeese: The family of Michael Brown should take their own steps to ensure justice for their son as quickly as possible. The avenue the family can pursue is to file a civil suit in federal court.

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Los Angeles

Better Wages Less Commuting

More Money, Less Carbon

Walker Foley: People earning less than $25,000 annually made up 34% of car commuters and 48% of carpools in 2013. Not surprisingly, lower wage earners rely more on automobiles to commute further distances to work.

Happy birthday, Sonjia -- Dick & Sharon

Burying Our Babies: Letter from L.A. to Ferguson

Sikivu Hutchinson: Year after year the litany of the dead, black folk criminally robbed of victimhood, shattered any pretense of innocence, protection or security in “tidy” neighborhoods like ours, neighborhoods bright-eyed, bushy tailed white reporters doing ghetto fieldwork were always surprised to know existed.

Homegrown Living Wage Ordinance

Organic Strawberries, Handmade Tamales, and a Homegrown Living Wage Ordinance

Julia Gould: Raise LA is taking its grassroots organizing to a new level by reaching out to community members in every neighborhood at Angelenos’ favorite weekend pastime, farmer’s markets.

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Elections and Campaigns

Kay Hagan North Carolina

Why Hagan Wins North Carolina

Brent Budowsky: The fact that Hagan is still standing after millions of dollars’ worth of personal attacks against her, financed by out-of-state ultra-conservative and hyperpartisan GOP money from the Koch brothers and others, is a testament to her political resilience

Al Sharpton HIllary Clinton

Will Al Sharpton Become a Thorn in Hillary’s Side?

Nia-Malika Henderson: Clinton could be facing a generation of social media savvy black voters and other media types who are tired of the idea of a designated “black leader,” possibly let down by Obama, and who are looking for a more up-front examination and response to racism.

Big Money Politics

Looping Big Money Around Democracy’s Neck

Jim Hightower: The beauty of our country’s present system of government is that anyone is perfectly free to buy a member of Congress. And isn’t that what democracy is all about?

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