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Immigration Reform

Children Seeking Asylum

Children Seeking Asylum and Finding Antipathy

Tina Dupuy: I might be the only syndicated columnist in the country who was raised by the state. So when lawmakers and public pontificators discuss the welfare of unaccompanied minors who’ve been dropped on our proverbial doorstep, I should probably speak up.

Obama Undocumented Immigrants

Obama’s Defining Moment

Randy Shaw: President Barack Obama has a chance to define his presidency and vindicate the ideals of his 2008 campaign by one decisive act: issuing an Executive Order granting legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Ecomomic Justice

Amazon Books Pricing

Amazon Pricing Drives Me Bot-ty

Randy Shaw: My battle is with the bots and algorithms Amazon uses to price its books. I can’t reason with them, because they are not human. Yes, it’s true. We have a book industry whose dominant market decides prices based entirely on a computer formula.

expand social security

Don’t Panic! We Can Expand Social Security and Medicare

Richard Eskow: No matter what new data emerges about Social Security and Medicare, the well-funded opponents of those two worthy programs will always insist that we’re on the brink of catastrophe – unless something is done right now to slash their benefits.

Elections and Campaigns

Grimes Beating McConnell

McConnell’s Knotty Problem

Berry Craig: In any event, few tea partiers will likely go for Grimes. But more some might hop on the David Patterson bandwagon. Patterson is the almost unknown Libertarian third-party candidate.

marianne williamson hillary clinton

Marianne Williamson’s Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Marianne Williamson: I want to hear what’s true from you. I want you to rail against the chemical companies and their GMO’s — not support them. I want you to decry the military industrial complex — not assure them you’re their girl.

Sarah Palin Running For President

Egads! Sarah Palin in 2016

Tom Degan: For those of us who thrive on the gales of laughter provided to us by Sarah Palin and unintentional comedians like her, these are indeed sweet times to be alive.

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Los Angeles

Villaraigosa Community Bank

Can Los Angeles Communities Bank on Antonio Villaraigosa?

Peter Dreier: Los Angeles is littered with the debris of banks’ risky and sometimes illegal practices — subprime loans, predatory lending and foreclosed homes that destroyed the lives of families and stripped entire communities of their major source of wealth.

Eagle Rock Dump Expansion

Where Is Councilmember Huizar on Dump Expansion?

Lazaro Cuevas: Deliveries of trash to the dump, now at about 800 tons per day, could double or triple under the proposed expansion. A larger dump and more trash will worsen air quality, noise levels, and traffic congestion in Eagle Rock.

Los Angeles Skid Row

The General and the War to Save LA’s Soul (Part III)

Dan Bluemel: Sometimes the cops get a kink in their colon and enforce the code en masse, other times they lay low, but to focus on one homeless woman as though she were a “problem child,” as they so named her, is difficult to understand.

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Law and Justice

Texas Open Carry

Packing Heat in the Brothers’ ’Hood

Walter Brasch: A group of white gun-rights advocates plan to sling rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic assault weapons onto their bodies, and walk through a Black neighborhood in Houston. What could possibly go wrong with that?!

Net Neutrality FCC

FCC Official Says Million People Commenting Won’t Matter

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: Our protests forced the FCC to listen and include our proposal for the Internet being reclassified as a public utility in their rulemaking. But, to win we need to build a mass movement that cannot be ignored, that balances the influence of big corporations like Comcast and Verizon.

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