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Education Reform

Epi Pens

Ouch! Are California Teachers Really That Greedy?

Karen Wolfe: When did we start judging the value of something by whether we can inspire enough devotion among volunteers, rather than by whether we were willing to devote the necessary resources to it?

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Climate Change

Climate Change Threat

Climate Change, Not ISIS or Putin, Is the Threat

Juan Cole: You are much more likely to die falling in the bathtub or being struck by lighting than to be killed by terrorists or by Vladimir Putin, much less by Hassan Rouhani of Iran.

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Prison Reform

Mass Incarceration Inhumanity

Mass Incarceration’s Real Problem: Inhumanity

Jonathan Simon: We may disagree on who belongs and who does not belong in prison, or on how long prison sentences should be, or what goals those sentences should be meted out to accomplish.

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Progressive Issues

Managing Nonprofit Affairs

Tending to the Stink in Public and Non-Profit Affairs

Frank Fear: I saw more and more executives “managing their boards”. That’s a sanitized way of saying: “I want to do what I want, when I want, and how I want … without the board interfering.”

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Immigration Reform

Obama Immigration Betrayal

Obama’s Betrayal

Randy Shaw: Obama’s latest broken commitment to millions of undocumented immigrants and their supporters is a stab in the back to all activists working for social change.

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Middle East

War Against ISIL

The Real Winners (and Losers) in America’s New War Against ISIL

Joseph Palermo: The neo-cons appear prescient proving that if you scream for war long enough you have a good chance of getting war.

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Ecomomic Justice

central banks buying stocks

Preparing To Asset-Strip Local Government?

Ellen Brown: Municipal bonds have been eliminated from the list of high-quality liquid collateral assets, so banks are liable to start dumping them in favor of the Treasuries and corporate bonds.

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Animal Rights

Santa Monica Council Ponies

Santa Monica Council Shuns Tethering of Ponies

Marcy Winograd: Santa Monica can now move forward in a more positive and humane direction, offering our children uplifting activities like painting, poetry, and drama.

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Law and Justice

Even though LAPD and LASD argued that the records were collected as part of investigations into stolen vehicles and other crimes, the plate scans are not triggered by any level of suspicion at all.

Police Can Keep License Plate Data Secret

Peter Bibring: The court held that the license plate data qualifies as the kind of investigative record police can keep secret and that the harm to law enforcement investigations from disclosing data outweighs the value to the public of seeing what data police collect on them.

Who Are Police Killing

Who Are Police Killing?

Mike Males: In the late 1960s, nearly 100 young black men under age 25 were killed by law enforcement every year.

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Los Angeles

Cheryl Dorsey

An Insider’s View of the LAPD

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle: “LA wouldn’t fare much better than New York in terms of disproportionate rates of stops and frisks and use of force when dealing with black and brown young men.”

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Nuclear-Armed Submarines

Doom from the Depths

Lawrence Wittner: Taxpayers, particularly, might be concerned about the unprecedented expense of this new submarine fleet. According to most estimates, building the 12 SSBN(X) submarines will cost about $100 billion.

Is Military Power Useful

The Limits of Military Power

Lawrence Wittner: The lengthy and costly Vietnam War led to a humiliating defeat for the United States — not because the U.S. government lacked enormous military advantages, but because, ultimately, the determination of the Vietnamese to gain control of their own country proved more powerful than U.S. weaponry.

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Elections and Campaigns

McConnell and Koch Brothers

Mitch’s Mum Moment

Berry Craig: The Birchers are still around. But they’ve been eclipsed by the Tea Party and like-mined white folks of the Obama’s-a-Kenyan-born-Islamo-Socialist persuasion.

Mitch Pulls Ahead

As Mitch Pulls Ahead, It’s Not Just Coal

Berry Craig: Team Mitch rolls on, with the captain pandering to the social issues and practicing dog whistle politics with the white folks. He doesn’t have to say anything about the president’s skin color.

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