Author Spotlight: John Peeler

John Peeler’s work for the LA Progressive draws on his extensive experience as a political science professor and researcher, coupled with a deep desire to move the country’s political conversation in more progressive directions.

John Peeler lecturing to students at the Islamic University in Uganda.

John Peeler lecturing to students at the Islamic University in Uganda.

“Writing is one of my greatest pleasures,” he says. “When I get an idea, I write it down. That’s fun and interesting in itself, if you’re a writer.”

Calling himself a “walking melting pot,” with a Lebanese grandmother and Puerto Rican grandfather on one side and southern Anglo grandparents on the other, John taught Latin American and comparative politics at Bucknell University for 39 years, writing at length based on field work in most Latin American countries. Naturally, he’s fluent in Spanish.

Author of Building Democracy In Latin America, his lucid approach to international affairs can be seen in articles like these:

john peeler“During my academic career, I tried to spend time in Latin America every year,” he says. Memorable experiences included a spring break spent in a rented car with three colleagues driving around Nicaragua during the Contra war. “I’ve taught in both Costa Rica and Barbados, and lectured in Uganda.”

“Lucid, fit, and solvent,” John finds himself in a good place: “I enjoy traveling to new places, and keeping up with my grandchildren. I savor the communities of which I am part.”

Closer to home, John turns a sharp pen to our domestic political turmoil in articles such as these:

John’s op-ed essays have appeared in The Christian Science Monitor and USA Today, as well as many in local papers in central Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife of 46 years, Judy.

“I’m urban by origin, cosmopolitan by experience and inclination, and small town by choice,” he concludes.

– Dick Price

Published by the LA Progressive on January 13, 2011
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