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Turning a New Leaf in Prison

Life Sentences for Juveniles

Johnny Martinez: I found the father figure and brotherhood I was seeking in a group of street thugs. Eventually, I joined a gang and began using drugs. The first drug I used was marijuana, followed later by heavier drugs such as cocaine and PCP.

Seeing the Light Behind Bars

Life Behind Bars

Raymond Martinez: Once I joined the gang, the homies became my family. The acceptance I received from them and the bonds we formed made me willing to do just about anything for them.

The Cooler Bandits – Feature Film in Pan African Film Festival

he Cooler Bandits is a coming of age story of sorts. The film follows the lives of four boys — Frankie, Donovan, Charlie and Poochie — who became men behind bars. In 1991, not understanding the full consequences of their actions, the teens made the poor decision to engage in a series of restaurant robberies in […]

Violence in the Black Community

violence in the black community

Violence in the Black Community is a discussion that will be held on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. The panelists, Phillip Sanchez, Pasadena Chief of Police Sharon Kyle, Law Professor and Publisher of LA Progressive Martin Gordon, Chair, Pasadena Community Coalition Fernanco Rejon, Deputy Director of Urban Peace

No New Year Under This Old System!

If you think that torture, that violence against women and attacks on women’s rights, that attacks on immigrants and the pillaging of the environment of the planet, that U.S. wars for empire and attacks on people for who they love and how they love and more must be stopped; join us in the streets on New Year’s Eve.