Is AA Too White?

black church aa

Jeff Deeney: Dismissing AA as a white-person’s movement, many black addicts take a pass on the 12-steps and seek salvation from their church. That’s not always a prescription for success.

Obama and Leftists Survey — Question 2

Q2 Given the antics of the cavalcade of clowns vying for the Republican presidential nomination, what do you this election cycle? I’m not sure things would get worse than they are under Obama. The same thing that will happen if Barack Bush wins. Economic inequality will continue to increase; wars will be never ending The […]

Keep Jazz & Shaka Free!


Hayden’s arrest is of course just the latest example of both the out-of-control racial profiling and stop and frisk tactics of the NYPD and; its targeting of Anti-Police Terror Activists.

Friday Feedback: Why Leftists Should Support Obama’s Reelection

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Friday Feedback: This week, an article by Walter G. Moss, “Why Leftists Should Support Obama’s Reelection,” drew the following response from Bob G: “I think the sophistry is on the side of those who are commenting here, suggesting that people should not vote for Obama because he is an imperfect vessel for their principles…”