Seeds of Peace: April 20


Not only will best-selling author Marianne Williamson give the keynote talk, and a workshop, there will be workshops bringing together activists and contemplatives on topics ranging from Kundalini yoga, Sufism, Kabalah, and Christian meditation to environmentalism, just peacemaking and gun violence reduction. Workshop presenters include Rev Ed Bacon, Maher Hathout (founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council), Glen Stassen (Just Peacemaking), and many more–over 30 total!

The Healthcare Movie – Screening April 24th


Please join emergency room physician, Dr. Bill Honigman and others for a screening of “The Healthcare Movie” a highly acclaimed documentary by Laurie Simmons and Terry Sterrenberg, narrated by actor Kiefer Sutherland

Happy Ending for “Barking Dogs” Deportation Case

ruth montano

This past Friday, ICE closed the deportation case of Ruth Montaño, the Bakersfield mother who faced deportation following her arrest for having dogs that barked too much.

Morocco Unveiled — April 2


Women, Art, and Activism in the New Morocco. Tuesday, April 1, with Majdouine Lyazidi, Levantine Cultural Center.

Donald Rumsfeld: “What Will History Say?”

donald rumsfeld

Carolyn Eisenberg: While Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld make an appealing group of villains, embodying as they do the Deadly Sins of Sloth, Wrath and Pride, responsibility for the Iraq War is not limited to them.

It’s Always Passover: Freedom Is an Idea, a Process, Not an Event


Eric A. Gordon: The exodus from Egypt was followed by forty years of wandering in the desert. Freedom doesn’t just happen. It’s a mindset, an attitude, a culture. Passover marks a passage, but not the end of the story. A luta continua. The struggle continues.

Not A Feather, But A Dot — Screening April 22nd


“Not a Feather, but a Dot” is a synthesis of the Indian history, perceptions and journey in the United States, told through a first
person narrative of the filmmaker.

Cesar Chavez Peace Walk — March 30

chavez walk

Cesar Chavez Peace Walk

Westside Parents, Teachers Facing ‘Deasy’s Revenge’

john deasy

Sara Roos: “Deasy’s Revenge” is a maneuver of breathtaking vindictiveness. It disenfranchises the very spirit of the compromise language dictated by his own employers and our representatives, the LAUSD school board.

A Sabbath Against Gun Violence


Deborah Gitell: It is clear the only way to put an end to this non sensical violence is by coalition building. Personally, I was uplifted to stretch beyond my own comfort zone, and attend another’s faith services.

Assault Weapons on School Campuses — Really?

guns on campus

Bobbi Jo Chavarria: To provide responsible training to our school police is not only cost-prohibitive, but also compromises the other valuable training school law enforcement officers require because they deal with the youth population on a constant basis.

‘Lean In’ All You Want — But If You Want a Better Job, Unionize!

office stress

Brigid O’Farrell: “Leaning in” might well help get more women into the top echelons of the corporate world and that is progress for equality. Sheryl Sandberg sets an important precedent by going home for dinner with her family, but can a non-management worker at Facebook do the same?

Climate Coalition Upcoming Events

smoke stacks

Upcoming events and actions in Greater Los Angeles designed to protect the environment.

Director’s Note: The Girl

the girl

David Riker: I began to think about what it means to live in the very epicenter of the American Dream, and feel not hope – but trapped. My focus shifted, and I began to imagine a film not simply about the borders of geography, but about human borders – of class, culture, attitudes, and ideas. This was the starting point for The Girl.

Gun Violence: An All-American Crisis

gun control2

Marian Wright Edelman: too many people assume that despite recurring cases of often labeled “isolated” or “unpredictable” mass gun violence primarily committed by White male shooters, “ordinary” gun violence is mostly a Black problem that is or should be the Black community’s responsibility alone to solve.

The Flawed Logic Behind Restarting San Onofre in Light of Fukushima

san onofre power plant

Ace Hoffman: There’s an unofficial history of misery, starting with the uranium miners, the bomb victims, the bomb test “downwinders,” “Chernobyl heart” and “thyroid necklace” children, and now Fukushima thyroid cases abound… yet nobody counts.

ACLU-SC Pasadena/Foothill “Gun Violence in Our Communities” Forum — March 12th


An upcoming ACLU-SC Pasadena/Foothills Chapter bimonthly public forum on March 12th will bring the conversation back to the no less critical gun violence taking the lives of our fellow Angelenos day in and day out.

Non-violent Resistance to Support Israeli-Occupied Palestinians — April 6

fosna schedule

All-day “Justice and Only Justice” Conference will be presented April 6 in Pasadena by Friends of Sabeel Los Angeles and Orange County

Anthony Portantino Joins USC Institute

anthony portantino

Former Legislator Known for Independence and Government Reform to Work With Students, Provide Political Analysis in Campus Programs

Keeping Families Together Tour

keeping families together

Join CHIRLA’s “Keeping Families Together: tour March 4-6

Small Donors Make Bigger Impact in LA Mayoral Race

la mayoral debate

California Common Cause released new analysis of the fundraising around the Los Angeles Mayoral race, finding that some of the campaign finance reforms implemented in 2013 are already re-shaping candidate fundraising to focus on individual and smaller donors.

The LA Premiere of Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary

mumia flyer

Stephen Vittoria’s new feature documentary is an inspiring portrait of a man whom many consider America’s most famous political prisoner – a man whose existence tests our beliefs about freedom of expression.

Obama Should Make Florida Fort Reconciliation Center in Indigenous Hands

souix tribes

Casey Leydon: Our mission, with our community, The International Native American Memorial, is to gather all Indigenous Tribes and Nations to form a virtual round dance around the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, and to reclaim it for Indigenous Native Americans.

Emancipation — Sunday, February 24


As a special event for Black History Month, Neighborhood Church will present the first public performance of Emancipation, written by Jonathan Estrin and directed by Alan Freeman.

Djamel Ameziane’s Decade in Guantánamo — Wednesday, 27 February

decade in guantanamo

The speakers will examine unjust U.S. detentions and prosecutions, whether at the internment camp at Guantánamo, in domestic prisons and jails, or at ICE immigration detention centers; explore how racism and anti-Muslim propaganda are being utilized to enable and normalize these unjust detentions and prosecutions, and contextualize these in the ongoing if rebranded so-called “war on terror.”

Drones: Killers and Spies – Is Anybody Safe Anywhere? March 12th

westside aclu

Charles Feldman KNX Reporter and ACLU’s Peter Bibring on Domestic Surveillance Drones and Your Privacy and Civil Liberties. ACLU’s Ahilan Arulanatham will speak on Overseas Targeted Killings

GOP Still Parched after Rubio Rebranding Pratfall

rand paul marco rubio

Daniel Hurt: They may change the packaging of their message, but Rubio represents the same old Republican policies: cutting taxes for the wealthy, cutting education spending, anti-equal rights views, and an uncompromising attitude that caused them to lose the 2012 general election.

Women Veterans Symposium — March 21


With Ruth Wong, Director of LA County Military & Veteran Affairs, and Brenda Threatt, Office of the Mayor City of Los Angeles.

What’s So Great About Unions, Anyway?

nyc taxi driver strike

Liz Shuler: Sometimes, outside of election campaign seasons, even progressives wonder what’s so great about unions. Sure, we had a role to play before job safety laws, the eight-hour day, Social Security and civil rights laws were passed. But today?

Recent War Vet Runs for South Gate City Council

rick reyes

Mayor Bill De Witt and Vice Mayor Gilbert Hurtado are facing a challenge from Ricardo Reyes, a political coordinator for Service Employees International Union United Long Term Care Workers Union

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