About Allison Mannos

Allison Mannos joined LAANE as a Communications Specialist on the Construction Careers and Grocery Retail Projects in Fall 2011. Allison is interested in finding multidisciplinary policy oriented solutions to alleviate urban poverty and environmental problems in communities of color. She previously worked for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as their Urban Strategy Director on City of Los Angeles related campaigns, policy, and communications. In 2008, she co-founded and was the Program Manager for the award winning City of Lights Program, which advocates, organizes, and educates Latina/o, low-income cyclists in Central, South, and East Los Angeles. She also had interned for AFT1521 as a Student Organizer, focusing on community college/labor alliances. She graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a B.A. in Asian-American Studies and Urban Planning and also was a co-founding member of CicLAvia. An LA native, Allison has never owned a car, loves LA history, reading fiction, riding her bike and taking transit, and being a vegetarian foodie.

Low-Wage Worker Activism


Allison Mannos: Under the dark cloud of government shutdowns and other conservative-created mayhem shines a silver lining — the recent gains of California’s low-wage workers.

Passing the Buck on Health Care

walmart warehouse protests

Allison Mannos: The next wave of organizing in this industry among non-unionized retailers will have to address issues of worker hourly requirements under Obamacare.

How Taxpayers Foot Walmart’s Bills


Allison Mannos: Walmart’s expansion strategy for Los Angeles and other urban areas has been to avoid public oversight by choosing real estate that doesn’t require public review – and, where possible, to secure public subsidies, often with little public scrutiny.

Walmart’s Philanthropy Model: Charity and Poverty


Allison Mannos: Charity should not be a bribe to facilitate expansion at any cost. Walmart’s company values are reflected in the fact that a corporation whose net sales exceed the GDP of Norway would rather give charity to the poor than end the poverty it creates.

Brooklyn Tells Walmart to “Talk to the Hand”

brooklyn bridge

Allison Mannos: Activists in L.A. can take heart from the recent turn of events in Brooklyn, New York, where a fight raged for two years against Walmart.

Could Transportation Planners Have Dreamt Bigger?

los angeles street scene

Allison Mannos: Advocates ought to be examining ways to work with the Legislature to create incentives, mitigation funds and other pots of money that advance transportation and housing balances, multimodal transportation and good construction jobs in the region.

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