About Anjuli Kronheim

Anjuli Kronheim is from Philadelphia, where she first was turned onto activism when she was sixteen. She took a summer job canvassing for Greenpeace. She went to Ithaca College, studied Politics and Environmental Studies. From there, she joined Green Corps. During this program, she went to Des Moines; Boston; and finally to New York, organizing grassroots campaigns to impact environmental change. She moved to Los Angeles in September 2009 and ran to the rescue of OhioACT to fight the Issue 2 ballot initiative, which was corporate agriculture taking control of the Ohio Constitution. She is currently the Regional Organizer for Bend the Arc Southern California.

Annual Festival of Rights Hanukkah Party: All Politics Is Local


Anjuli Kronheim: Bend the Arc is working to harness that political power and use it to win progressive issues domestically.

Passing Proposition C in Los Angeles on May 21st

prop c vote

We’re working from all angles to get the word out and drive turnout to pass Proposition C in Los Angeles on May 21st (vote by mail begins May 1st).

New Horizons for City of Bell

city of bell

Amjuli Kronheim and Ana Maria Quintana: Ana Maria Quintana, a Councilmember of the City of Bell elected in 2011, has started talking to California Common Cause about what kinds of reforms might help the City of Bell and serve as an example for other cities.

Yes on H: Keep Special Interests at Bay

Bribe Payola

Anjuli Kronheim: All politics is local and we believe that if, not when, Los Angeles succeeds in passing Measure H, we will send an important message that we are taking back our democracy.

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