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Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad is an author, scholar and the co-founder, Managing Director and host of the Urban Issues Forum. Dr. Samad's most recent book is entitled "Saving The Race: Empowerment Through Wisdom". His national column can be read in newspapers and cyber-sites nationwide. His weekly writings can be read at www.blackcommentator.com. For more information about Dr. Samad, go to www.AnthonySamad.com.

“How Popular Blackness Changed America”

How Popular Blackness Changed America

Join us THIS Friday, June 13th, 2014, at 7:30 a.m., as this forum features a discussion on how “Power to the People,” self-determination in symbol and substance, changed American culture and the world.

How Soultrain Shaped Social Norms in America


How Soultrain Shaped Social Norms in America: Author Nelson George discusses his book “The Hippest Trip in Amerca”

Abuse and Deadly Force Under the “Color of Authority”


Anthony Samad: This month’s forum features a discussion on Abuse and Deadly Force under the “Color of Authority” and/or the cover of law.

Arsenio Hall Can’t Be Dismissed


Arsenio Hall brought the “edge” to late night when a tarnished Presidential hopeful came on the show in June of 1992—wearing sunglasses .

Jordan Davis Murder Mistrial: Open Season on Black Males


Jordan Davis Murder Mistrial: “Stand Your Ground” is just the latest iteration of anti-social legislation against black males.

Why People Watch (and Follow) Fools


Following George Zimmerman: Zimmerman’s infamy will live forever so he’s decided to become notorious. Why not get paid to be the villain?

Urban Issues Forum: Life After Obama — Will Wealthy Separation Allow Our Communities to Connect the Dots?


This forum will focus on the adverse effects high unemployment is has had on impoverished African American communities nationwide.

Thuggery, Skulduggery and the Legitimization of Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber Thug — Bubblegum pop singer Justin Bieber was caught speeding in Miami Beach and was arrested for throwing a temper tantrum.

South LA Snubbed Again: Broken Promise Zone Promises


Garcetti Obama Promise Zone: The award is a demonstration of connected politics being the first at the table. South Los Angeles loses again.

LA Schools Still Waiting for Superman


Anthony Samad: The district is not trying to save black boys and has solidified itself as a primary feeder to the “school-to-prison” pipeline in California. The data supports it and the parents know it.

The Petty Politics of “Messing With” Obama(Care)

obama ford

Anthony Samad: The Republicans have spent the past three years licking their wounds while trying to distort the reality of what universal health care means to the nation.

A. Philip Randolph and the Day That Changed America

A. Philip Randolph

Anthony Samad: The thing about history is, if you don’t tell your story—somebody will tell it for you (and they rarely get it right). Fifty years later, the March On Washington story is still being largely misappropriated.

United In Peace Ride and Festival: Getting at the Crux of Peaceful Protest

trayvon protest

Anthony Samad: We can use Trayvon Martin’s death to launch a national peace movement that goes beyond single incident. Violence touches our lives everyday, in nearly every city in America.

Blaming Youth When Adults Should Have Known

trayvon freeway protests

Anthony Samad: The youth see that and see their futures tied to an unjust world. It’s one thing to negotiate their dignity; it’s another thing to negotiate their lives.

Zimmerman Verdict: Why Outrage Turned to Rage


Anthony Samad: The people’s outrage is legitimate and we have the “right to protest for right,” as Dr. King once said. But protest takes many forms and that’s where we have to be wise.

No Outrage for Christine Calderon

christine calderon

Anthony Samad: We can’t let Christine Calderon die for a dollar and say nothing about the circumstances that brought about her death. The absence of advocacy will not equate to an absence of outrage.

Hillary’s Next Run: A Race for the Masses

hillary clinton

Anthony Samad: Clinton was an elite politician in 2008. Romney was the elite’s choice in 2012. Neither attracted enough mass appeal to win the Presidency. Elitism is out. Populism is in.

What’s on Trial: George Zimmerman or “Stand Your Ground”?

george zimmerman

Anthony Samad: In the Trayvon Martin case, George Zimmerman is poised to beat the system. Because everybody and everything will be on trial, except George Zimmerman.

From Gun Control to Immigration Reform, Grand Distractors Winning


Anthony Samad: Just as communities have their interlopers and obstructionists (blockers) misrepresenting complicated scenarios, Congress has its interlopers and obstructionists misrepresenting already complicated policy discussions, like gun control and immigration.

Why Jackie Robinson Still Matters

jackie robinson sliding

Anthony Samad: Jackie Robinson showed us that blacks and whites could co-exist on the same intellectual, emotional and physical planes. America had to see it before they could “see it.”

From School to Prison


Anthony Samad: This new public discourse around the “school to prison pipeline” is not new at all. It was a predictable outcome of social control planning where the prison industrial complex started forecasting how many prison beds would be needed based on fourth grade test scores two decades ago.

Moonwalking the Assault Weapons Ban


Anthony Samad: Most Congress members are pollwatchers. When polls favored gun control, they favored gun control. Now that the polls are slipping, suddenly Congress is slipping. In fact, Congress is doing a total moonwalk… they look like they’re stepping forward on the issue but they’re actually moving backwards.

Urban Issues Forum with Angela Davis: April 19

angela davis speaking

Constructing a 21st Century Populist Movement: Re-thinking Wealth and Imprisonment Protest.

Lincoln: How Spielberg Got It Wrong

frederick douglass

Anthony Samad: Spielberg not only changed history, he misrepresented it. I’m glad the academy didn’t reward him for it. Lincoln was a story that had to be told. But it needs to be told correctly.

Save the Term, “Negro”… Really?


Anthony Samad: Anybody ever stopped to think why Negroes stopped calling themselves Negroes? Because, it was a term of subjugation that turned into a racial designation, to mark black people for discrimination.

Black Comedians, Dresses and Kevin Hart on SNL: Maybe Dave Chappelle Was On To Something…

black men in drag

Anthony Samad: So, Kevin’s funny, SNL’s funny and has great writers that come up with unique material, should be a great show, right? Well, it was except for one skit, that put Kevin Hart in a dress…my night was ruined.

Assault Weapons, Mental Illness, and Mass Murder At Sandy Hook: A Grieved Nation Shouldn’t Be Confused About What To Do Next

chicago gun violence

Anthony Samad: America’s gun fascination, turned assault weapon fascination, has come to a head. Assault weapons never had any business on the streets on America. They are a function of the overproduction of military weaponry, a vestige of the Cold War, when America refused to reduce its defense budget and allow the military industrial complex to broker weapons throughout the world—without regard for where they ended up.

Ode to Jerry Buss: NBA (and Los Angeles) Gamechanger

jerry buss

Anthony Samad: Jerry Buss brought a swagger to the Lakers, and a Lakers game became more than a basketball game. It was an event. Every game. Every season.

Questions Remain After Christopher Dorner Episode Ends

dorner manhunt

Anthony Samad: The same dignity Dorner had in his work, he lost in his death. But he made his point. The system he once believed in, and defended, is still broken and nobody seems to care.

The Super Bowl “Blackout” Nobody Is Talking About

lovie smith

Anthony Samad: Since the end of the 2012 NFL season, there have been 15 senior management position openings, eight head coaching positions and seven general manager positions. All have been filled. Not a single African American coach or general manager prospect was hired.

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