About Berry Craig

Berry Craig is an emeritus professor of history at the West Kentucky Community and Technical College in Paducah and a freelance writer. He is a member of American Federation of Teachers Local 1360, the recording secretary for the Western Kentucky Area Council, AFL-CIO, and the author of True Tales of Old-Time Kentucky Politics: Bombast, Bourbon and Burgoo, Hidden History of Kentucky in the Civil War, Hidden History of Kentucky Soldiers and Hidden History of Western Kentucky. He is a native of Mayfield, Ky., where he lives with his wife of 33 years and their 20-year-old son.

Let ‘Em Rage to the Cows and Coyotes

domestic terrorists

Berry Craig: The media circus over the standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and the Feds in Nevada reminded me of the time the Ku Klux Klan visited the Kentucky town where I was a newspaper reporter.

Mitch’s Tough Out


Berry Craig: The other day, Grimes swatted another one into the cheap seats after McConnell got the expected NRA endorsement. She promptly tweeted a renewal of her months-old challenge to the senate minority leader to meet her on a gun range.

Jim Crow: The Dirty Bird Flies Again


Berry Craig: What scares Republicans the most is an America that is becoming less white, less conservative and less male dominated. They fret that a more diverse and more tolerant America is potentially a more Democratic America.

A Biscuit, a Puppet and the Captain of Team Mitch


Berry Craig: I’d bet the farm that McConnell is none too eager to verbally spar with Kentucky’s “Southern steel magnolia,” who, by the way, once taught kickboxing.

Are the Kochs Just Preaching to the Choir?


Berry Craig: In Center Right America, politically, religiously and socially, the U.S. is the most conservative Western industrial democracy.

Mitch McConnell’s Mike Dukakis Misfire?


Mitch McConnell Misfire: McConnell figured the CPAC rifle-toting would earn him precious bona fides with skeptical tea partiers.

Racism: The Elephant in the Living Room


Racism: Republicans blow fuses when somebody says the GOP practices dog-whistle politics to pander to white prejudice.

Anti-Union Politics Unites Volunteer State Republicans and Chinese Communists


Anti-Union Politics: What do China’s communist rulers and some top Tennessee Republican politicians have in common? They don’t want free trade unions.

Would Rand Paul Lead the GOP to ‘Goldwaterloo’ II?


Rand Paul and Monica Lewinsky: More than a few of my fellow Kentucky Democrats hope Paul will be the GOP presidential nominee in two years.

Will Double-Digit Gender Gap Help Ditch Mitch?


Mitch McConnell Gender Gap: Kentucky women are not idiots even though they are closely related to Kentucky men.

Unions Turn ‘Misery and Despair into Hope and Progress’


Unions Advocate for All Workers: Unions advocate for more than just men and women who pack union cards.

Faith, Hope and Alison Lundergan Grimes


Alison Lundergan Grimes for Senate– Maybe die-hard Democrats are whistling past the graveyard, but they don’t fear a McConnell blowout.

Mr. Bolin Goes to Washington?


Wesley Bolin for Congress — a 25-year-old college student from Murray, Kentucky, knows it takes a ton of money to win a seat in Congress.

Brit and Chris: A Couple of ‘Old Fashioned Tough Guys’


Chris Christie Bully — I don’t see how anybody who ducked a war has the chutzpah to pass himself off as a tough guy.

Forget the Food Fight, Mitch and Matt Are Kindred Spirits


Mitch McConnell Matt Bevin Despite their noisy campaigns, Sen. McConnell and his tea party-tilting challenger agree on almost every issue.

Chris Christie: “Pride Goeth Before Destruction, A Haughty Spirit Before a Fall”

Chris Christie

Chris Christie Bridgegate — It is way too early to tell if Bridgegate is another Watergate. Yet parallels between the two scandals are there.

Will the Marksberry Flop Help Team Mitch?


Ed Marksberry might be a decent sort. But he’s made himself look like the little kid who gets mad on the sandlot and stomps home.

A Socialist Wrote The Pledge of Allegiance


Pledge of Allegiance — Christian Socialists said that unfettered capitalism was based squarely on greed, a sin Jesus roundly denounced.

My Muse, Mitch McConnell


Elect Alison Lundergan Grimes — Most of us were rooting for entertainer Ashley Judd – one of us — to come home and take on McConnell.

The Garden State’s Phony Moderate


Chris Christie Bully — Christie, a Republican, is more proof that in American politics, style matters more than substance.

Minding Gaps, McConnell Style


Berry Craig: McConnell has to take care not to rile a big chunk of his base – old conservative white guys who love it when Rush Limbaugh calls feminists “Feminazis,” when a GOP strategist disses Grimes as an “empty dress” and when a Team Mitch player tweets a photo-shopped image of Grimes as the “Obama Girl.”

Does the Dairy State’s Union-Buster-in-Chief Want to Be President?


Berry Craig: Lately, Walker has been boosting his political profile by hustling his new book in which he brags on his union-busting. Some folks wonder if he’s really testing the waters for a presidential run.

The ‘Southern Steel Magnolia’ from the Bluegrass State


Berry Craig: Team Mitch keeps serving up fat pitches that Alison Lundergan Grimes keeps knocking out of the ballpark.

‘P’ Is for ‘Paul’ and ‘Plagiarizer’


Berry Craig: Paul is still a tea party darling. His base – mostly white folks of the Obama’s-a-Kenyan-born-Islamo-Socialist persuasion – doesn’t care if he swipes from Wikipedia or anyplace else, or if he just makes stuff up.

Hi-Yo, Silvers! Away with Chained CPI

Social Security1 wide

Berry Craig: We didn’t vote, give money, wear out shoe leather going door-to-door or staff phone banks for our union-endorsed candidates – most of them Democrats — so they could go to Washington and help tea party-tilting Republicans eviscerate Social Security.

Mitch McConnell: Kentucky’s Cardboard Statesman

mitch mcconnell

Berry Craig: Senate minority leader McConnell’s compromise with senate majority leader Harry Reid to end the government shutdown was pure politics. McConnell’s GOP was getting clobbered in the polls.

Hating Obama, Hating Lincoln

obama girl lincoln

Berry Craig: Republicans see Obama as imperiling their version of “civilization,” meaning a country run by conservative, straight, white male Christians who think capitalism is God’s economic system.

Some Kentucky Politicians Make Sense

steve beshear

Berry Craig: If nothing else, Gov. Steve Beshear has shown the country that not all Kentucky politicians are “wacko birds” and partisan obstructionists who think the Affordable Care Act is the spawn of Satan.

Bible Lesson on Patriotism

cecil roberts

Berry Craig: Throughout the New Testament, Roberts says, Jesus Christ “talks about the people who are poor and living in poverty. Today, who tries to lift people out of poverty? It’s the labor movement.”

The Texas Tinhorn


Berry Craig: Cruz and the tea party neo-Fire eaters demand Obama and the Democrats’ unconditional surrender on the Affordable Care Act while they all but pop veins trying to demonize and delegitimize the president and his party.

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