About Bonnie Bricker and Adil E. Shamoo

Adil E. Shamoo is an associate fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, a senior analyst for Foreign Policy in Focus, and the author of Equal Worth – When Humanity Will Have Peace. He can be reached at ashamoo@som.umaryland.edu. Bonnie Bricker is a freelance writer and a contributor to Foreign Policy in Focus.

Forget Red Lines: Obama Should Eat His Words on Syria

syria strike

Adil E. Shamoo: Despite his better judgment, Obama is poised to make serious mistakes in Syria–all because he made words like “red line” part of his vocabulary.

Egypt’s Treacherous Road

egypt unrest

Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker: Washington should refrain from its interventionist instincts and acknowledge that this is a fight for Egyptians.

Egypt Speaks, Again

cairo student

Bonnie Bricker and Adil E. Shamoo: Egypt’s first try at democratically elected governance was thwarted by power grabs and poor management of this most populous Arab nation. The people we met in Egypt want to work side-by-side with all of their fellow Egyptians.

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