The Debt Ceiling and You


Miles Blue: The entire country is being held hostage by their idiocy. The primary national deficit in the United States is the brains of our smug, entitled, self-absorbed, ego-driven, grandstanding, politicians.

Done Biting My Tongue: An Open Letter to President Obama

obama peacenik

Miles Blue: I bit my tongue when the national economy was placed in the hands of the very people who were largely responsible for the recent economic debacle, with absolutely no explanation as to why such appointments were warranted.

Justice Clarence Thomas’ Income Tax Oversight?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Miles Blue: Recently, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, over a four year period, failed to report his wife’s rather substantial income. A one-time failure may be human error; a four-time failure is a willful, criminal, act. Thomas deserves impeachment. His behavior is not acceptable for a Supreme Court Justice.

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