About Carole Lutness

Carole Lutness is running as the Democratic candidate for the 38th Assembly seat in “Red” Santa Clarita to dethrone one Capitalist Evangelical, Cameron Smyth (R). Democrats need 54 seats to change the requirement of two-thirds vote to simple majority on tax bills.

Will America Become the United Kingdom of Koch?

United Kingdom of Koch

Carole Lutness: Forget about public schools, public services, roads, and the like. If these services don’t serve the rich, they won’t exist.

Reflections on Black History Month

march on washington

Carol Lutness: This is not just a struggle for the African American. It is a struggle for all but the very few. Never was there a greater crisis than we all face now economically, politically and environmentally.

Government’s Dead; Now What?

Thomas Jefferson, by Rena LaCarla

If all information is controlled by the corporations will they spew propaganda to distract and convince the masses how lucky they are and how they need to be good consumers? Will entertainment continue it’s decent to the lowest common denominator because it sells corporate products?

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