About Catherine Wolfram

An associate professor at the Haas School of Business, Catherine Wolfram's research interests include regulation of business, energy and environmental economics, and electricity-industry restructuring. She received her PhD in economics at MIT and her undergraduate degree in economics at Harvard.

Will China’s Smog Spur Climate Solutions?

smog in china

Catherine Wolfram: Coal gasification will help reduce local pollution and it appears commercially viable, at least in China. Unfortunately, it’s a disaster for climate change.

The MPG Illusion


Catherine Wolfram: Consumers are likely purchasing both too many gas guzzlers and too many super-efficient plug-in hybrids, and avoiding vehicles with mid-range MPG ratings more than they would if they weren’t under the MPG Illusion.

Marketing Solar: Future Regulations Hold Key

marketing solar power

Catherine Wolfram: Future regulations place substantial uncertainty on future bills, so that simple assumptions that project a flat or increasing value of bill savings over time (in real terms) may not be accurate.

Marketing Solar: Bring in Elizabeth Warren?

solar panels

Catherine Wolfram: We would pay the costs of $12,400 in today’s dollars, in order to save $3,576 in the year 2038, assuming we’re lucky enough to be alive and buying $100 cheese pizza for our grandchildren.

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