Hundreds of Tribal Representatives Join Huge Rally to Oppose Fracking

Tribes Oppose Fracking

Dan Bacher: Hundreds of indigenous people from California and across the country gathered with a crowd of over 4,000 people at the State Capitol in Sacramento on March 15 to send a clear message to Governor Brown: ban fracking, an environmentally destructive oil extraction practice that pollutes groundwater, rivers and the oceans.

Governor Brown Promotes Twin Tunnels and Fracking During Record Drought


Fracking During Record Drought — Poor water management of rivers and reservoirs has exacerbated the impact of the drought.

EPA Permit Will Allow Frackers to Continue Dumping Chemicals into Pacific


Frackers Dump Chemicals — A recent Center analysis found that at least one-third of chemicals used are suspected ecological hazards.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan Could Top $67 Billion


Bay Delta Conservation – The latest estimate underscores the absurdity of Jerry Brown pursuing the twin tunnels as a monument to his legacy.

Water Ratepayers Protest ‘Twin Tunnel Tax’ at L.A. City Hall


Twin Tunnel Tax – One big myths about the twin tunnels under the Delta is that it is a conflict between northern and southern California.

Will California “Green Light” Fracking?


Dan Bacher: You know that this legislation won’t protect the land, water, fish, wildlife and people of California from the expansion of fracking in California when a big oil lobbyist praises the draft regulations.

Congresswoman Lois Capps Calls for Offshore Fracking Moratorium


Dan Bacher: As the oil industry amps up its campaign to expand fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in California, a prominent California Congresswoman is calling for a moratorium on offshore fracking in federal waters off the California coast.

Jerry Brown Dodges Environmental Protesters


Dan Bacher: Faced with the protest condemning his anti-environmental policies, Brown apparently decided to back out from receiving the award.

Oil Lobby Spent $45 Million in California Since 2009

oil wars

Dan Bacher: Through June of 2013, Big Oil has spent over $5 million on lobbying California policy-makers – and that doesn’t include donations to political campaigns

Feds Urged to Halt Fracking Off California Coast


Dan Bacher: The recent relevation that California’s coastal waters are being “fracked” takes place in the larger context of the oil industry’s enormous influence on California environmental processes.

Senator Pavley’s Gutted Fracking Bill Goes to Governor’s Desk

fracking bill

Dan Bacher: Senate Bill 4, a controversial bill sponsored by Senator Fran Pavley that opponents say would clear a path to increased fracking, passed the California Legislature and is now headed to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

LA City Council Members Call for Fracking Moratorium

la city council fracking moratorium

Dan Bacher: LA City Council members Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin on Wednesday, September 4 called for a fracking moratorium in Los Angeles at a press conference on the steps of City Hall.

Ocean Fracking Should Be No Surprise

ocean fracking

Dan Bacher: When the oil industry wields this much power – and an oil industry lobbyist oversaw the process that was supposed to “protect” the ocean – it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that California’s ocean waters are now being “fracked.”

California Legislators Call for Offshore Oil Fracking Investigation

ban fracking now

Dan Bacher: Californians should support the legislators’ call for a federal investigation of hydraulic fracturing beneath the seabed floor off the California Coast.

Californians Oppose Expanded Fracking

don't frack california

Dan Bacher: As the oil industry expands its role in California politics and environmental processes, you can bet that they are going to use every avenue they can to get more water for fracking.

Opposition to Shasta Dam Raise Overwhelming

shasta dam

Dan Bacher: The vast majority of local people, ranging from Winnemem Wintu Tribe members to local business owners, oppose the raising of the dam.

California Legislators Buckle to Oil Industry Pressure, Kill Fracking Moratorium

ban fracking rally

Dan Bacher: State legislators first weakened and then voted down this bill, which would have placed a moratorium on the controversial method of oil and gas extraction – even as a new poll shows few Californians support fracking!

Could California Legislators Halt Fracking?

ban fracking

Dan Bacher: Despite intense political pressure by the oil industry, the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on April 29 approved three bills proposing to halt fracking, a controversial method of oil and natural gas extraction, in California.

Will Fracking Drain California’s Water Reserves?

fracking in california

Dan Bacher: So what is the actual amount of water now used for fracking in Califonia right now – 8 acre feet of water, 6,721 acre feet, or much, much more as fracking opponents contend?

Is Governor Jerry ‘Tunnel Vision’ Brown Letting California Get Fracked?


Dan Bacher: Huge oil and gas corporations, backed by the powerful Western States Petroleum Association, have already begun the environmentally destructive practice of fracking in California – and Governor Brown is doing nothing to stop them.

One Year Later: Which Way Occupy LA?

occupy la

Dan Bluemel: There is no manual for activists on how to save the world. The best anyone can do is learn from the past, try new things and see if they work, while the world will carp at them for it — supporters and critics alike.

California State Parks Director Resigns Amid $54 Million Scandal

ruth coleman

Dan Bacher: For at least 12 years, the Department underreported tens of millions of dollars to the state Department of Finance, according to a statement from the Natural Resources Agency.

DFG Touts ‘Improved’ Delta Smelt Numbers as Pumps Kill Millions of Splittail

delta smelt

Dan Bacher: The announcement of “improved” Delta smelt numbers was issued as one of the greatest fish kills in California history continues to take place in the state and federal Delta pumps.

Human Right to Water Bill Passes Senate Committee


Dan Bacher: More than 11.5 million Californians rely on water from suppliers that experienced at least one violation of State Drinking Water Standards as reported to the Department of Public Health in 2004.

State Officials Misinformed California Anglers on Ocean Closures


Dan Bacher: Grassroots environmental leaders, including John Lewallen, the co-founder of the Ocean Protection Coalition and the North Coast Seaweed Rebellion, are supporting the litigation against the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, in contrast with some corporate environmental NGOs that back the process.

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Commission Sets Date for South Coast Marine Reserves


Dan Bacher: To protest proposed restrictions on coastal gathering proposed under the MLPA Initiative, members of the Yurok, Hoopa Valley, Karuk and other Tribes on Saturday, June 18 gathered seaweed, mussels and clams at three beaches on the North Coast.

Restore the Delta Exposes More Evidence of Westlands Land Retirement

The Delta Mendota Canal, shown here, and the California Aqueduct deliver water to corporate agribusiness in the San Joaquin Valley and southern California water agencies. Photo courtesy of Bureau of Reclamation.

Dan Bacher: Restore the Delta recently unveiled a new study by California Water Research Associates showing that 100,000 acres of land retired by Westlands Water District is not going back into irrigated production, “no matter how much water Westlands gets.”

Wetlands Delta Smelt Lawsuit Contested


Dan Bacher: Decades of over-irrigation of toxic, saline soils in the district has also contaminated much of the shallow and deep groundwater in the district.

Groups Sue to Stop Removal of Trees from Levees

dan bacher

Dan Bacher: The Corps acknowledges vegetation removal may harm endangered species habitats, but instead of undertaking necessary consultation with wildlife agencies has tried to shift the burden of implementation and environmental compliance to local agencies and flood-control districts

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