About Dan Bluemel

Dan Bluemel is an editor and reporter with l.a. activist. Dan first began covering demonstrations and marches for the Santa Monica College Corsair newspaper in 2010 where he cultivated his passion for bringing to light that which does not want to be discussed. It has since become an addiction that he may never recover from. He graduated from SMC in 2012 with degrees in journalism and in social and behavioral science.

Homeless Woman Arrested 87 Times for Resting on Sidewalk


Homeless Woman Arrested: Between the LAPD and city attorney’s office, hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money has been spent.

Police Behavior Focus of Demonstration Supporting Justice for Kelly Thomas

Demonstrators march in Hollywood on Feb.8 to demand justice for Kelly Thomas, a mentally-ill homeless man who was brutally beaten by Fullerton police. Thomas died five days later and the officers responsible for the beating were acquitted of second-degree murder and lesser charges

Justice for Kelly Thomas — Homeless and anti-police brutality advocates demanded justice for the police killing of Kelly Thomas.

Kelly Thomas and the Frail Rights of the Homeless


Kelly Thomas — The gut reaction of many U.S. cities and states is not to come to the aid of their un-housed, but instead to persecute them.

Sleeping Out for Homeless Bill of Rights


Homeless Rights — Organizers demand that we stop criminalizing the poor and homeless.

Green Party’s Gubernatorial Candidate Focuses on Poverty


Luis Rodrigueze wants to end poverty in California, a largely ignored objective in a gubernatorial campaign since Upton Sinclair ran.

Photographers Beware! Big Brother Is Watching You


Dan Bluemel: The next time you want to take a photograph in public, take pause, for that snapshot may land your personal information in federal counter-terrorism databases for the next 30 years.

Battling Absentee Owners in South LA


Dan Bluemel: Anti-Eviction campaigners put a little ‘sweat equity’ into South LA neighborhood.

City Hall Gunning for LA’s Food Charities Again?


Dan Bluemel: Food lines being under attack is nothing new in LA. Three years ago, a similar campaign, led by business interests and residents in the Skid Row area downtown, managed to shut one food line down and threaten several others.

Prison Officials Connecting Inmate Literature to Terrorism


Dan Bluemel: Law enforcement may very well be wasting its time by amassing voluminous amounts of reports on behavior that, in the end, is legal and innocuous.

LAPD’s Secret Reporting Getting Public Airing


Dan Bluemel: LA’s Human Relations Commission voted Thursday, October 10, to hold public hearings or forums that would address the police department’s secret reporting on non-criminal behavior.

Campaign for Homeless Bill of Rights Kicks Off in California


Dan Bluemel: Citing a growing effort by local governments to use laws and business improvement districts to target the homeless and mold poorer neighborhoods in the interests of businesses and the wealthy, advocates say a state law is necessary to protect the basic rights of homeless citizens.

Beautiful Trouble Makes a Creative Splash for Activists

Andrew Boyd, co-editor of Beautiful Trouble, talks to audience members about using art to keep methods of direct action fresh and captivating to the public. (Dan Bluemel / LA Activist)

Dan Bluemel: Members of SEIU and striking fast food workers got an earful on creativity last week when they attended an event put on by Beautiful Trouble, a project that educates activists on the art of creative direct action.

Anti-War Marchers Rally in Hollywood, Two Arrested

hollywood antiwar protest

Dan Bluemel: Similar to last week’s demonstration, the energy of protesters was high with impromptu marches and vociferous chants.

LAPD Traps Anti-War Marchers, Arrests Two

After rallying in Pershing Square, anti-war demonstrators began marching through downtown. (Dan Bluemel / LA Activist)

Dan Bluemel: “They locked us in like dogs,” he said. “No restrooms, no hygiene facilities, no food, no cold water — it’s probably 93 degrees out here today — and then they make us wait there for an hour.”

The Dubious Seizure of Laurel Greenstein’s Home

laurel greenstein

Dan Bluemel: Now, at nearly 60 years of age, she is broke, beset with medical issues, unemployed and homeless. She currently stays at various homes of friends, but has had to spend a few nights in her car.

How Racial Profiling Feels

don't judge on color

Dan Bluemel: Being routinely stopped by police and searched for no apparent reason, or followed through a neighborhood only to be asked why they are there, are indignities the average white person will likely never suffer.

Protesting Solitary: Living with Love in a Cage


Dan Bluemel: Modjeski’s husband exercises three hours a day. Since being in isolation, his memory, at 38 years of age, has begun to fail him. It’s the little things that are beginning to slip away, like how to spell simple words.

Protesting Domestic Surveillance

restore the fourth

Dan Bluemel: Restore the Fourth’s demonstration was the second of its kind in LA concerning Fourth Amendment rights since the NSA’s actions were made public in early June.

Homeowner Advocates Go After Wells Fargo’s Bottom Line

wells fargo protest

Dan Bluemel: When a bank is acting as a mortgage servicer, the situation changes. Often it is more profitable for a mortgage servicer to foreclose because of how mortgage-backed securities are structured.

Domestic Spying in Your Backyard

domestic spying

Dan Bluemel: Though nowhere near as pervasive as the federal government’s data-collection, the Coalition argues the LAPD is doing its part to mimic the work of its “big brother,” the National Security Agency.

Third California Prison Strike Looms

solitary = torture

Dan Bluemel: In 2011, inmates held in long-term solitary confinement in California prisons held two hunger strikes to protest their treatment. Because prison officials have not met the inmates’ demands, another hunger strike is planned for July 8.

LA Protests Monsanto, Genetically Modified Food


Dan Bluemel: Protesters dished out tough rhetoric toward Monsanto, linking the company and its GM foods to allergies, cancer, autism and many other maladies.

LA Feminists Protest Temporary Limit on Morning-After Pill Sales

hands off morning after pill

Dan Bluemel: Women’s rights advocates entered a Walgreens pharmacy this week in downtown Los Angeles to protest the Obama administration’s efforts to restrict access to the emergency contraceptive commonly known as the morning-after pill.

Occupiers Keep Fighting for LA Homeowners

occupy wells fargo

Dan Bluemel: Upset with Wells Fargo’s foreclosure practices, protesters held a demonstration on May Day that briefly shut down one of the bank’s branches in downtown Los Angeles.

Does LAPD’s Reporting on Our ‘Suspicious Behavior’ Protect Us from Terrorism?


Dan Bluemel: Though law enforcement praises the LAPD’s reporting system, significant questions are being raised as to the program’s effectiveness and transparency.

How the Los Angeles Times Can Help LA’s Police Department Save Money

occupy la lapd standoff

Dan Bluemel: Chief Beck should sack his own PR department and let the Times do what they do best — patching up and stitching together the department’s image and keeping the population in the dark.

Demanding Justice for Unarmed Man Shot by LA Sheriff’s Deputies

compton shooting demonstration

Dan Bluemel: More than 100 demonstrators marched through Compton Saturday to protest the killing of Jose de la Trinidad by Sheriff’s deputies.

Occupy the Ballot Forum and Independent Politics


Dan Bluemel: Because of its electoral structure, the U.S. political system has never been welcoming to third parties. Some critics have argued this leaves the political landscape entrenched in a system comprised of moderates and hardliners who, in essence, espouse the same ideology.

Loan Mods Link Homes in Foreclosure Revolt

occupy fights foreclosure

Dan Bluemel: Despite government programs designed to improve the situation, the light at the end of the tunnel seems very far indeed for foreclosure victims. Thus the desperate turn to organizations like Occupy Fights Foreclosure..

Does California’s Gang Database Unfairly Label Young Black and Brown Men?

march for respect

Dan Bluemel: Transparency and accountability are lacking in California’s gang member database, according to a recent report written by the Youth Justice Coalition.

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