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BlackCommentator.com Executive Editor, David A. Love, JD, is a lawyer and journalist based in Philadelphia, and a contributor to the Progressive Media Project, McClatchy-Tribune News Service, In These Times and Philadelphia Independent Media Center. He contributed to the book, States of Confinement: Policing, Detention, and Prisons (St. Martin's Press, 2000). Love is a former Amnesty International UK spokesperson, organized the first national police brutality conference as a staff member with the Center for Constitutional Rights, and served as a law clerk to two Black federal judges. His blog is davidalove.com.

Why LBJ’s Legacy Deserves Another Look


David Love: What we should know is that Johnson’s legacy in Vietnam will always be troubling. However, his record on civil rights and fighting poverty deserves a second look.

Poor People Lose Out When Elections Are Bought and Sold


David Love: The McCutcheon decision is like a voter ID requirement, except that only a relative handful of people— millionaires and billionaires, that is—can afford to buy it.

Obama’s Under the Radar Assistance to Africa


David Love: As the world preoccupies itself with the lost Malaysian Airlines flight 370 and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in the Ukraine, President Obama is helping another part of the world—Africa.

How Elijah Cummings Helped Democrats Regain Their Fighting Spirit

elijah cummings

David Love: Democrats are striking back at Issa’s bullying tactics and grandstanding, with members of the committee accusing the California Republican of breaking the rules by bringing Lerner to testify.

Paul Ryan Barely Speaks in Code about Black Men


Paul Ryan Racism: Ryan is berating and humiliating black men for being unemployed? And we wonder why his party has a black people problem.

Kesha Rogers LaRouche Connection


Kesha Rogers is not the type of candidate the Democrats’ progressive, pro-Obama constituency would want if they read the fine print.

Paula Deen Is Back, Like It or Not


Paula Deen: I suppose everyone is capable of redemption, and Paula Deen has a new chance to come up with some new recipes.

Is Obamacare Success Being Overlooked?


Obamacare Success — The GOP had a vested interest in the failure of the President’s ambitious initiative.

American Legacy of Racial Violence

Racism (4)

David A. Love: There continue to be certain inconvenient problems in America one of which is the American legacy of racial violence

Jahi McMath Pushes Envelope on End of Life Issues


Jahi McMath has resurrected the debate over end of life issues, the circumstances under which patients should be removed from life support.

Is Mia Love Poised to Make a Political Comeback?


Mia Love — It is expected that this black woman would counter the narrative of the Republican Party as a whites-only club.

How Mandela Brought Black America and Africa Together


Nelson Mandela America — In many ways, Mandela helped bridge the gap between Africa and African-Americans.

Delbert Tibbs, Death Row Survivor, May You Rest In Peace


David Love: During times of strife, conflict and violence, we turn to the Delbert Tibbses of our world to lead us down a path towards justice and righteousness. They know that winning the war we are fighting will not come through guns or drones, but rather with the forcefulness of our ideas, and the strength of our convictions.

Why Do Blacks Believe JFK Conspiracy Theories?


David Love: Black people are more prone to believing conspiracies surrounding Kennedy because they have been the victims of real-life conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.

Finally, Prosecutor Jailed for Evidence Tampering


David Love: Official misconduct is most common in homicide cases (58 percent on the wrongful convictions) and nonviolent crimes (55 percent).

Does Twitter Have a Diversity Problem?


David Love: The wide racial disparity between Twitter executives and Twitter users suggests the corporate leadership is unable to relate to a large segment of its own customers, putting the company itself at a strategic disadvantage.

Will GOP Obstructionism Trigger Nuclear Option?


David Love: The blocking of Rep. Watt speaks volumes about Republican opposition to President Obama.

The Willie Horton Ad 25 Years Later


David Love: Over the years in American politics, the Southern Strategy has continued in the form of the black boogeyman, the scapegoat, the “other”—a personification of conservative white resentment over the gains African-Americans made in the civil rights movement.

Olympic Black Power Salute at 45


David Love: On this day in 1968, at the Olympics Games in Mexico City, two black U.S. medalists—Tommie Smith and John Carlos—took the victory stand with their heads bowed and eyes closed, their hands raised with black gloves, and fists clenched.

The 5 Things Congress Should Be Working On

Government Shutdown 350px

David Love: With only a week left until a potentially apocalyptic default on the federal debt, which could wreck the world economy, the approval rating of the Tea-Party-led Congress is at an abysmal all-time low, hovering somewhere between 5 percent and 11 percent, depending on who you ask. Apparently, and not surprisingly, hostage taking does not count as productive work by the American people.

Head Start Another Shutdown Casualty


David A. Love: This shutdown could last for weeks; nobody knows. But it is abundantly clear that the most vulnerable among us will truly suffer.

What Will NAACP President Ben Jealous’ Legacy Be?

ben jealous

David Love: The question is, what legacy does the 40-year-old leader leave for the NAACP? The answer is a more invigorated, dynamic and relevant civil rights movement.

Fast Food Workers Strike for a Living Wage to Support Their Families

fast food workers strike

David Love: On August 29—the day after the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington—fast food workers around the U.S. staged a walkout in hundreds of stores in 50 cities, their largest protest ever.

Why Obama’s March on Washington Speech Was a Letdown

obama march on washington

David Love: Obama squandered a unique opportunity to demonstrate some leadership on civil rights, to articulate King’s message and honestly assess how far we have fallen short, and to identify those who stand in the way of justice and equality.

Race-Baiting Begins in Chris Lane Case

chris lane case

David Love: The right has made the Chris Lane murder their cause célèbre, their meme, their Trayvon Martin, and they believe this is the president’s gotcha moment.

Jesse Jackson, MLK, Malcolm X: Civil Rights Dynasties in Shambles

jesse jackson jr.

ith the imprisonment of former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic march on Washington, it seems that the children of civil rights icons are not in the best of shape these days. In fact they are, well, a hot mess, and appearing more like fodder for [...]

Where Will Holder’s Reforms Have Biggest Impact?


David Love: Holder believes that federal prosecutors should not charge every defendant who is accused of breaking federal law, as states and localities are better positioned to handle certain issues.

Why Ray Kelly Should Not Run Homeland Security

ray kelly

David Love: President Obama thinks Raymond Kelly would make a great choice to replace Janet Napolitano as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, but given Kelly’s record on race, African-Americans should be wary.

“Stand Your Ground” in Daycare?

child with gun

David Love: With the ink on the George Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ verdict barely dry, another state appears ready to consider a Florida-style “Stand Your Ground” law.

Why My Car Was Riddled with Bullets

broken windows

David Love: We can and must condemn the carnage in our communities, and the self-hatred and internalized oppression, even as we identify and challenge the racism in the courtroom, the boardroom, the classroom, the death chamber, and in those “Stand Your Ground” and Voter ID laws. It’s all connected.

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