What If Zimmerman Were Black?

zimmerman not guilty

David Love: Some people are asking, what if the roles were reversed? What if Zimmerman was the shooting victim? Better yet, what if George Zimmerman had been a black man accused of shooting a white teen to death?

Why Was 2010 Election Disastrous for Black America?

obama gold medal

David Love: That 2010 midterm election. It is the gift that just keeps on giving. And it is proof that elections do matter.

‘Southern Avenger’ Scandal Puts Paul Family Racial Track Record Back in Spotlight


David Love: As Kentucky Senator Rand Paul weighs the possibility of a 2016 presidential run, his past—and present—record on racism manages to catch up with him again.

Supreme Court Throws Voting Rights Act Under the Bus


David Love: It is no understatement to say that the U.S. Supreme Court committed a crime of the highest proportion when it decided to gut the Voting Rights Act of 1965 a few days ago. The victory for gay marriage and against DOMA was bittersweet, given a disappointing voting rights decision in the same week.

Paula Deen: Racist Jokes No Joke


David Love: If you make a race-related joke, you’d better be funny or else. Don’t step over the racial humor line separating funny from racist.

Clarence Thomas Makes Rare Break with Scalia: Sign of Things to Come?

clarence thomas

David Love: It is tricky business for a black man to long for the good old days, when those same Founders would have relegated you to someone’s backyard, and in chains no less.

Why TSA Targets Blacks and Latinos

tsa screening

David Love: When TSA stops someone at the airport, there must be a good reason, right? Maybe not. It could be racial profiling at work.’

Still Think We Don’t Need Affirmative Action?

black ceo

David Love: Minority groups have been disproportionately affected by the Great Recession, and to make things worse, since the economic downturn, it appears diversity has not been a priority for employers.

Sandra Day O’Connor Regrets

florida 2000 headlines

David Love: Twelve years after the controversial Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is having some second thoughts about the case.

U.S. Death Row Survivors Are One For Ten

delbert tibbs

David Love: Many would be surprised at the high odds of innocent people being executed, which speaks to a criminal justice system riddled with problems, including witness misidentification, prosecutorial misconduct, incompetent lawyering, raw racism and class bias.

Will America See Marijuana Legalization in Our Lifetime?

big blunt

David Love: As is the case with same-sex marriage, the tide seems to be turning on public attitudes on marijuana. For the black community, with so many young people incarcerated for possessing small quantities of the drug, the stakes are high.

Violence Begets Violence in America

teen with gun

David Love: So, what do you make of a country where a third grader brings a gun to school to ward off bullies?

What Would Be Gained by Executing Terry Williams?

terry williams

David Love: No one stepped in to help this traumatized boy deal with the anger, shame, confusion, paranoia and self-hatred he experienced from years of manipulation and abuse.

Forty Years After Furman: U.S. Death Penalty in Disarray

Kerry Max Cook

David Love: Forty after Furman, problems still plague the death penalty, when in reality the problems never went away. And as long as there are executions, we’ll continue to have a problem.

Has Jesse Jackson Become Irrelevant?

jesse jackson

David Love: Just as an older generation had to step aside for him, Jesse Jackson has had to contend with a younger generation of black leaders, and that is not a bad thing.

Rodney King Dead: How He Put Police Brutality on the Map

rodney king

David Love: It is ironic that Rodney King died on the day that Rev. Al Sharpton led a march to protest New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “stop and frisk” policy.

These Low Information Voters Will Be Our Undoing

working class voters

David Love: Faced with hard times, people have clear choices. Either they join forces across racial and ethnic lines and fight their common adversary, or they double down on the dumbness, thrive on misinformation and assign scapegoats.

Gays Unite with Blacks to Fight ‘Stop-and-Frisk’

stop and frisk

David Love: Meanwhile, a coalition of groups including the Human Rights Campaign and Empire State Pride Agenda are joining forces with NAACP’s Ben Jealous and Rev. Al Sharpton for a June 17 march to protest stop and frisk.

Historic Roots of Homophobia in Black America

black homophobia

David Love: Another reason for the rift between blacks and the LGBT community has been the historic lack of synergy and inclusion regarding blacks and the gay rights movement.

Abolishing the Death Penalty: The Tip of America’s Human Rights Iceberg

death penalty dosage

David Love: As people are still put down like dogs in the land of the free – despite the momentum for abolition – capital punishment represents America’s human rights blind spot.

Colin Powell Can’t Give Himself a Pass on Iraq War

colin powell

David Love: If some politicians say they want to follow the advice of the generals on the ground, Powell was a “good soldier” who followed orders, perhaps even to the detriment of his long-term reputation.

Will Mitt Throw Condi at Barack?


David Love: The charisma, charm and brilliance of a Condoleezza Rice could help offset Romney’s negative image as a rich, dull, white bread kind of guy.

Will the GOP Add Color to the Presidential Ticket?

rubio romney

David Love: Surely, as Romney etch-a-sketches his way back to the center, Republicans are thinking that a brown or black face on the ticket will help them with moderate and independent voters.

Mitt’s Robert Bork Problem

robert bork

David Love: It is hard to imagine how Romney will clear a path to victory in November by associating with an ideologically extreme radical such as Robert Bork.

How the Trayvon Martin Case Has Divided America

trayvon rally

David Love: The killing of Trayvon Martin has brought many people together, but has exposed the various divisions along racial, political and media lines as well.

Whites Mostly Missing at Trayvon Rallies

trayvon martin

David Love: So what’s going on here? Some black folks in Sanford suggest that many whites are supportive, but do not want to display any public sentiments for fear of being called a “ni**er lover.”

Is Trayvon Martin This Generation’s Emmett Till?

Emmet Till and Trayvon Martin

David Love: Trayvon Martin’s killing continues to expose the problems black men face, the low priority they are assigned as black victims, and the unfair treatment they face at the hands of the police and in the justice system.

We Are a Nation of Bullies


David Love: Breitbart, Limbaugh, J. Edgar — This nation has a love-hate relationship with bullies. In one breath, society condemns bullying. And yet our society thrives on it, encourages it and glorifies it.

The War on Obama’s Faith: Who’s Really Holier Than Thou?

obama tuskeegee airmen

David Love: Republicans are once again turning President Obama’s faith into a political issue. But will their strategy work? History and hypocrisy suggest that the political gamesmanship won’t succeed.

The White Working Class Was Bamboozled

union organizing

David Love: If Stockholm Syndrome relates to the feeling of empathy that kidnap victims have with their captors, then certainly what we are witnessing today is a Stockholm Syndrome of those on the losing end of American capitalism.

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