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Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute, and the author of eleven books, including Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free. Her websites are WebofDebt.com and PublicBankingInstitute.org.

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged: The FDIC Is Suing

Global Banking System

Ellen Brown: Taxpayers are paying billions of dollars for a swindle pulled off by the world’s biggest banks, using a form of derivative called interest-rate swaps; and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has now joined a chorus of litigants suing over it.

Banking Union Time Bomb: Eurocrats Authorize Bailouts AND Bail-Ins

European Banking System

Ellen Brown: A giant flaw in the current banking scheme is that private banks, not governments, now create virtually the entire money supply; and they do it by creating interest-bearing debt.

Elizabeth Warren’s Post Office Proposal: Palast Picks Wrong Target


Ellen Brown: Postal Loans and Postal Cards are only two non-bank financial services that could result in substantial savings for the poor.

The Stone that Brings Down Goliath? Richmond and Eminent Domain


Eminent Domain

How the Credit Card Gravy Train Is Running Over You


Credit Card Trap: The credit card business is now the banking industry’s biggest cash cow, and it’s largely due to lucrative hidden fees.

Enough Is Enough: Fraud-ridden Banks Are Not L.A.’s Only Option


Los Angeles Public Bank — A city-owned bank can minimize the risks of interest rate manipulation, excessive fees, and dishonest dealings.

From Austerity to Abundance: Why I Am Running for California Treasurer


Ellen Brown State Treasurer — There is another way to balance a state budget, one that leads to prosperity rather than austerity.

100 Years Is Enough: Time to Make the Fed a Public Utility


Federal Reserve Reform — It may be time for a new populist movement, one that returns the power to issue money to the government.

Amend the Fed: We Need a Central Bank That Serves Main Street

fed meme

Ellen Brown: For the central bank to satisfy its mandate to promote full employment and to become an institution that serves all the people, not just the 1%, the Fed needs fundamental reform.

Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance


Ellen Brown: If the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passes, control over not just our food but our health, our environment and our financial system will be in the hands of transnational corporations.

Costa Rica’s Long Public Banking Experience


Ellen Brown: In Costa Rica, publicly-owned banks have been available for so long and work so well that people take for granted that any country that knows how to run an economy has a public banking option.

Ireland: Ground Zero for the Austerity-Driven Asset Grab


Ellen Brown: After five years of belt-tightening in which unemployment and living conditions have not improved, the Irish people are slowly waking up. They are realizing that their assets are being grabbed simply to pay for the mistakes of the financial sector.

Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?


Ellen Brown: The exploitative financial scheme responsible for turning millions out of their jobs and their homes has reached the end of the line. Crisis in the current scheme means opportunity for those more sustainable solutions waiting in the wings.

Public Banks Key to Capitalism


Ellen Brown: Banking, money and credit are not market goods but are economic infrastructure, just as roads and bridges are physical infrastructure.

What We Could Do with a Postal Savings Bank

post office

Ellen Brown: Postal banking systems are ubiquitous in other countries, where their long record of safe and profitable public banking has proved the viability of the model.

The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction from Derivatives


Ellen Brown: Five years after the financial collapse precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy on September 15, 2008, the risk of another full-blown financial panic is still looming large, despite the Dodd Frank legislation designed to contain it.

Public Banking for Wales, Ireland and Scotland: Promise and Possibilities


Ellen Brown: Ian Jenkins of Arian Cymru (Money Wales) has written two excellent articles on why Wales should have its own bank and how that might be accomplished.

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-Hairs

syrian cash

Ellen Brown: Iraq and Libya have been taken out, and Iran has been heavily boycotted. Syria is now in the cross-hairs. Why? Here is one overlooked scenario.

The Leveraged Buyout of America

linh dinh

Ellen Brown: Giant bank holding companies now own airports, toll roads, and ports; control power plants; and store and hoard vast quantities of commodities of all sorts. How have they pulled this off, and where have they gotten the money?

Why Eliot Spitzer Makes Wall Street Quiver

Eliot Spitzer

Ellen Brown: Before Eliot Spitzer’s infamous resignation as governor of New York, he was one of our fiercest champions against Wall Street corruption, in a state that had some of the toughest legislation for controlling the banks.

The Detroit Bail-In Template: Fleecing Pensioners to Save Banks

detroit pensions

Ellen Brown: The Detroit bankruptcy is looking suspiciously like the scene in Cyprus in 2013, which is now becoming the model globally.

City-Owned San Francisco Bank Gets Green Light


Ellen Brown: The question today is whether cities and counties can afford not to set up their own municipal banks, both to protect their money from confiscation and to take advantage of the very low interest rates and other perks available exclusively to the banking club.

Shadow Banking System: Collateral Damage

ben bernanke

Ellen Brown: The Fed could avoid collateral damage to the shadow banking system without curtailing its quantitative easing program by taking the novel approach of directing its QE fire hose into the real market.

Think Your Money Is Safe in an Insured Bank Account? Think Again

bank crisis

Ellen Brown: Shifting the burden of a major bank collapse from the blameless taxpayer to the blameless depositor is another case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, while the real perpetrators carry on with their risky, speculative banking schemes.

The Crime of Alleviating Poverty: A Local Community Currency Battles the Central Bank of Kenya

emma onyango

Ellen Brown: In an African slum with little of the national currency available, supplying residents with an alternative currency has a positive effect that is obvious, immediate and incontrovertible.

Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students: Populist Demagoguery or Economic Breakthrough?

elizabeth warren

Ellen Brown: Warren and her co-sponsor John Tierney propose that students be allowed to borrow directly from the government at the same rate that banks get from the Federal Reserve — 0.75 percent.

Public Banking 2013 — June 2-4

public banking

Reclaim Our Economy from Wall Street with Public Banking. Featuring Matt Taibbi, Ellen Brown, Birgitta Jonsdotter, and Gar Alperovitz. San Rafael.

Bail-Out Is Out, Bail-In Is In: Another Argument for Publicly Owned Banks

piggy banks escaping

Ellen Brown: A crisis in a major nation such as Spain or Italy could lead to a chain of defaults beyond anyone’s control, and beyond the ability of federal deposit insurance schemes to reimburse depositors.

Winner Takes All: The Super-Priority Status of Derivatives

golden egg

Ellen Brown: “Too big to fail” now trumps all. Rather than banks being put into bankruptcy to salvage the deposits of their customers, the customers will be put into bankruptcy to save the banks.

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

cyprus bankers

Ellen Brown: When Americans realize that the alternative is to have their ready cash transformed into “bank stock” of questionable marketability, moving failed mega-banks into the public sector may start to have more appeal.

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