About Heather Gautney

Heather Gautney is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Fordham University and a grassroots activist. She is co-editor of Democracy, States and the Struggle for Global Justice (2009) and Implicating Empire: Globalization and Resistance in the 21st Century (2003). She is also on the editorial board of Social Text.

Why the President’s 2014 Budget Should Restore Funding for ESOPs

Evergreen cooperative laundry (Photos: Janet Century)

Heather Gautney: With 1 percent of Americans owning almost 40 percent of our wealth (and steep declines in trade unionism), worker ownership in productive enterprises marks an important step in reversing the tide of social inequality in our nation.

Why Do Political Elites All Hate Democracy?

political magic

Heather Gautney: We need to start pressing for things that our politicians did NOT discuss at the conventions. Real solutions–like universal education, debt forgiveness, wealth redistribution, and participatory political structures—that would empower us to decide together what’s best. Not who’s best.

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