About Jack Eidt

Writer, urban theorist, and environmental advocate, Jack Eidt careens down human-nature's all consuming one-way highway to its inevitable conclusion - Wilder Utopia. He co-founded Wild Heritage Planners, based out of Los Angeles, California. He can be reached at jack (dot) eidt (at) wilderutopia (dot) com.

Fire Ecology vs Timber Economy

Fire Ecology

Jack Eidt: Though the Rim Fire of 2013 was the third largest conflagration in California’s history, it has improved the ecological health of the forest, while the majority of the iconic landscapes of Yosemite National Park remain unscathed. However, a salvage logging plan now under review by the US Forest Service does put in danger the regenerating effects of the fire.

May 17 – Hands Across the Harbor: Port Area Residents to Join National Protest Against Keystone XL Pipeline

Hands Across the Harbor

Jack Eidt: Residents from across Los Angeles will gather in the Port of Los Angeles as part of the National Day of Action Against the Keystone XL Pipeline starting with a community workshop at 10:00 a.m.

Great March for Climate Action: Kick-Off in Los Angeles – March 1st


Great March for Climate Action: Saturday, March 1, the SoCal Climate Action Coalition 350 will rally at a Port of Los Angeles oil refinery.

For the Climate, For Clean Energy and Healthy Communities, We March on March 1st


Climate Action March: Thousands are expected to march after a 9:00 a.m. rally at the Great Lawn at Wilmington Waterfront Park.

Activists To Hold Vigils in Los Angeles on Monday Urging President Obama to Reject Keystone XL


Urging President Obama to Reject Keystone — Today, activists will participate in protest vigils in seven cities across Southern California.

Honduras: Mega-Tourism and Garifuna Communities Collide


Banana Coast –Mega-tourism “development” projects are destroying Afro-Caribbean Garífuna communities .

Valero Moves to Ship Tar Sands By Rail into LA Harbor

Valero Energy Corp intends to construct a rail terminal in LA Harbor to import for processing 60,000 barrels of diluted bitumen (dilbit) per day from Canada’s tar sands, without public comment or environmental review. Photo By Christina House in the LA Times.

Jack Eidt: Valero Energy seeks permits for large-scale shipments of low-quality tar sands oil via rail into their Port of Los Angeles refinery, without any public comment or disclosure.

Songdo, South Korea: Utopian City of Big Data and Urban “Sustainability”

Greg Lindsay: South Korea has always been a ravenous adopter of technology, but it also a boneyard for big ideas that never quite caught on, including smart cities that look pretty dumb in retrospect [LG's Tomorrow City]. Central Park in Songdo IBD.

Jack Eidt: With the case of Songdo International Business District, South Korea, the move toward smart eco-cities implies either living together in harmony, and/or a new series of technologies marketed under the “eco” banner.

Baja California: An “Earthly Paradise” in the Desert

agua verde

Jack Eidt: The Baja California peninsula, despite rampant growth in tourism, retains the spirit of primordial “earthly paradise” of California, stumbled upon by the gold-fevered Spaniards almost 500 years ago.

Earth Day: Sustainability Movement Heals Humanity in the Wild


Jack Eidt: This Earth Day 2013, world ecosystems face imminent danger from humanity’s ecological overreach and climate change. Building on the original 1970 theme of a national teach-in, promoting awareness of the acute problems, posing solutions to advance environmental sustainability, and building a movement to work toward its implementation.

LA River Revitalization: A City Rediscovers Its Flow

la river

Jack Eidt: The Los Angeles River, once the fount of life for generations of people and wildlife, had been turned into a 51-mile cement flood control gulch splashed with reclaimed wastewater, storm drain puddles of lawn fertilizer, soapsuds and plastic bags.