About Jackie Cornejo

Jackie is a research and policy analyst for the Construction Careers Project. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her interest in social justice work sprung out of her experience as a child during the L.A. unrest of 1992 and her family’s experience during the civil war in El Salvador. Before coming to LAANE, Jackie was a community organizer focusing on food access and tenants’ rights issues in the Westlake community, as well as facilitating community planning projects in Westlake and South LA. Jackie’s research focuses on how urban policy can be tied to mitigating economic and racial inequities in Los Angeles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and Spanish from Occidental College and a master’s degree in urban planning from UCLA. Jackie is also an avid bus rider, mapping enthusiast and vegetarian.

Los Angeles City Council Boldly Approves Zero Waste LA Plan


Jackie Cornejo: The Zero Waste LA franchise plan specifically requires trash-hauling companies to bid for exclusive contracts to operate in the 11 waste service zones.

Bringing Back Leimert Park

leimert park

Jackie Cornejo: The last time I was in Leimert Park, I saw shuttered storefronts and empty sidewalks — a stark difference from the hustle and bustle I knew from growing up not far from there.

Carmageddon II : Did You Breathe Better Last Weekend?


Jackie Cornejo: When the 405 was closed last year, air quality near the 10-mile portion of the freeway reached levels that were 83 percent better than on a typical L.A. weekend.

The Elephant in the Room: Raising the Gas Tax

standard oil

Jackie Cornejo: The pot of money that goes towards building and maintaining our roads and bridges has gotten smaller and smaller over the last three decades for several reasons

How Congressional Gridlock Wreaks Havoc on Our Streets


Jackie Cornejo: While Republicans and Democrats are fighting each other tooth and nail on health care reform, Medicare, defense spending and almost everything else, nationwide our roads are crumbling. Literally.

Mass Appeal: LA’s New Embrace of Public Transit

No Measure J for LA

Jackie Cornejo: The thing is, when you grow up poor, the idea of taking public transit is a no-brainer. I learned very early that driving was a privilege, and that taking public transit was the only way I would be able to go to school and eventually get to work.

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