About Jamekaa Flowers

Jamekaa Flowers, Lady J, works in education reform and community development in the nation’s capitol. Her lifelong passions include deconstructing the numerous “isms” (i.e. sexism, racism, classism, etc.) that plague our society and challenging people to think critically about how they are both affected by and affect others with these worldwide maladies. Her mission to ignite the global mobilization of people of African descent, as well as other oppressed communities, through mental emancipatory “re-education” models, reflecting authentic Pan-Africanist elements will be her legacy….I Am We! Visit her blog at http://imtyedsooverit.blogspot.com/.

To Say the N-Word or Not Say the N-Word: The Unfortunate Unending Question

jamekaa flowers

Jamekaa Flowers: Never in our history has there ever been such a laborious and incessant debate over a racial slur, which speaks volumes to the absolute backwards and mentally oppressed nature of our society.

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