About Jan Tucker

Jan Tucker is a private investigator, State Director-California League of Latin American Citizens; Criminal Justice Columnist-Counter Punch Magazine; Commentator-Black Talk Radio; Member CWA Local 39521 Pacific Media Workers Guild-Freelancer Unit and the publisher of The Detective's Blog at http://janbtucker.com/blog/

Los Angeles Diversity Capital of the World

Garcetti Swearing In

Jan B. Tucker: In terms of ethnicity, the L.A. City Council and citywide elected officialdom are catching up with the people of LA.

Why I Support Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti

Jan Tucker: With Wendy Greuel’s track record, I have no confidence whatsoever in her ability to make the right choices for administration and public policy in Los Angeles. I have the confidence in Eric Garcetti that something will get done

Is Immigration Reform a Progressive Priority?

immigration rally

Jan Tucker: The truth be told, immigration reform has never been a high priority among American progressives; as a consequence, no clear vision of what immigration reform should look like was developed outside the Mexican American community.

Alzheimers Specialist Shortage

senior couple

Jan Tucker: With the coming of age of the baby-boomer generation, Alzheimer’s Disease numbers are expected to increase dramatically, yet the number of geriatric certified physicians in America is dramatically declining.

Conquer Alzheimers Disease


Jan Tucker: If we don’t conquer this disease, the cost of medical care will continue to rise for Alzheimer’s patients and have an extremely detrimental effect on health care reform of any sort.

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