About Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez is a long time activist in LA’s social movement, particularly Latino politics, has been active in the field of immigrant rights since 1971, with 22 years as a rank and filer in labor, he is also an independent journalist, a media and political strategist, and today is presently with the Dec 12 Coalition and Occupy LA. He has been traveling through Mexico since 2 March 2012 when he was part of a nine person truck convoy, that delivered 10 tons of humanitarian aid to three Tarahumara communities in the PRD Municipal District of Cachiric.

Violence Rocks Mexico: The Language of Hope in a State of War


Javier Rodriguez: Calderon’s war has devastated the country with close to 60,000 deaths, possibly ten thousand disappeared, 160,000 people displaced this year alone, and hundreds of thousands abandoned homes and businesses.

Electoral Polls and Electoral Fraud in Mexico

Lopez Obrador

Javier Rodriguez: La Jornada, Mexico’s premier progressive national newspaper, is revealing and highly educational because it points to a big media manipulation of the electoral process in Mexico.

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