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Saving Pecola Breedlove with Lupita Nyong’o


Luptia Nyongo: It isn’t enough to proclaim that “Black is beautiful.” Show Black girls how beautiful they are, how worthy they are.

Walmart: Welfare Queen


Walmart Food Stamps: The next time a conservative drones on about “entitlements”, remind them that Walmart survives on food stamps

I’m Dunn With Florida


Even as we learned that Michael Dunn gunned down an unarmed teenager and jurors were confused about whether this was 1st degree murder.

Fairy Tales of Reverse Racism Race Baiters


Reverse Racism – The coup de grâce is that some unfortunate souls actually believe that by pointing out racism, that makes someone a racist.

Behold, the All American Girl


All American Girl: “America The Beautiful” only holds true to its name if we recognize the beauty in all of America’s citizens.

Adopted by a White Family: Too Dark for Blacks


Transracial Adoption — Colorism in the adoption process deserves a critical eye to ensure the well being of children hoping to have a home.

Sex Tourism: A Third World Reality


Sex Tourism — Predators openly flaunt their indiscretions, using their “first world” privileges to commit egregious crimes.

Glamming Up Slavery: Ani DiFranco’s Plantation Paradise


Ani DiFranco has enraged fans by hosting her upcoming “Righteous Retreat” at Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana.

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