Joe Mathews

joe mathewsJoe Mathews is California & innovation editor of Zócalo Public Square, a Little League coach, and a fourth-generation Californian who was raised in Pasadena, he also was a staff writer at the Baltimore Sun and Wall Street Journal. His work appears in the Washington Post, The New Republic, and other newspapers and magazines.

Let’s Put Voting Machines in In-N-Out Burger

Fixing Voter Turnout

Joe Mathews: The very thing that makes politics and governance in L.A. so confusing—all the different governments and elections in 88 cities, 150 or so school districts, and hundreds of special districts—makes this a great place for experimenting.

Think Big, California!

California Goals

Joe Mathews: Lacking ambitious goals, the state seems content to drift, waste money, and keep doing the same old things.

Why California Pre-K Is Doomed

JNJ October Preview Peter Laarman: Next month Justice Not Jails is asking all faith communities to focus on the racism and waste of human beings in our criminal justice justice system.

Joe Mathews: The state’s lack of ambition will kill universal preschool before it starts.

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