About Julie Gutman Dickinson

Julie Gutman Dickinson is partner in the union-side law firm Bush, Gottlieb, Singer, Lopez, Kohanski, Adelstein & Dickinson. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.

Vergara v. California’s Corporate Heart


Vergara vs California: Are job protections for teachers to blame for educational underachievement among low-income students of color?

The Truth About California’s Pension Slashers


Julie Gutman Dickinson: A state once synonymous with the American Dream of economic opportunity and security is on a path to become a purgatory for millions of seniors.

Hurricane Sandy: The Price of Deregulation


Julie Gutman Dickinson: While much of the damage and power interruptions were inevitable, the situation was aggravated by the fact that ConEdison’s systems were in a weakened state prior to Sandy.

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