Julie B. Gutman, Esq.,PTV Executive Director, has devoted her career to public service, advocating for the rights of workers, immigrants and underserved communities. Prior to joining PTV, Ms. Gutman served as vice-president of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works Commissioners and senior labor advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. In that capacity, she worked successfully to promote good jobs, workforce development programs and labor harmony. For ten years, Ms. Gutman was a trial attorney at the National Labor Relations Board in Los Angeles, where she vigorously advocated for worker and immigrant rights. She was the only lawyer to achieve a 100 percent win record in voluminous unfair labor practices trials and federal district court injunction litigation, including injunctions against the mass discharge of low-income and immigrant workers. Ms. Gutman, whose family was persecuted during the Holocaust, has also done human rights work in Guatemala.

About Julie Gutman

Julie Gutman Dickinson is a partner at the union-side law firm Bush, Gottlieb, Singer, Lopez, Kohanski, Adelstein and Dickinson, and was a former NLRB trial attorney and Senior Labor Advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Walmart’s War Against Unions — and the U.S. Laws That Make It Possible


Julie Gutman Dickinson: even in the context of a long national decline in union membership among American workers, it is staggering that the country’s largest employer, and one of its stingiest, has remained union free.

America’s Killer Jobs

workplace injuries

Julie Gutman: While the surreal quality of the Texas disaster was somewhat unique, the deaths and injuries caused by it were not. Every year thousands of American workers die on the job, and hundreds of thousands are injured.

Torture: What Would George Do?

george and barack

Julie Gutman: As we celebrate liberty and democracy on July 4, let us ask what our founding fathers would have to say about the current torture debate.

Hope and Change: Landmark Human Rights Victories

khymer rouge

Julie Gutman: As the international community prepares to mark the 61st annual Human Rights Day on December 10, here is a short list of some of the best human rights developments of 2011 outside the Middle East.

The City of Second Chances

julie gutman

Julie Gutman: On Labor Day, Let’s Celebrate L.A.’s Status as a Bastion of Human, Immigrant and Workers’ Rights

Torture Victims: From DC to Damascus

Kyaw, with California State Senator Kehoe.

Julie Gutman: One of the most profound contributions we can make to the cause of freedom, democracy and human dignity is to rebuild the lives of those who have sacrificed so much in the defense of these ideals — the very principles upon which our country was founded.

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