About Kate McCracken

Kate McCracken is The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice’s Development Director and Director of the Sentencing Service Program (SSP). She presented expert testimony to the Little Hoover Commission regarding sentencing reform in 2012 and currently serves on the San Francisco Sentencing Commission.

How Solitary Confinement Hurts Youth


Kate McCracken: We cannot just lock these youth up and throw away the key. Correctional facilities, deemed the “parent” of these youth, must provide a safe environment for youth to be successful.

Planning for the Future of Justice-Involved Youth


California Juvenile Justice — It is time to revisit this tool for keeping youth in our communities and not in state facilities.

What’s the Deal with Data?


Kate McCracken: The limit of available data inhibits our ability to examine various justice trends and influence state and local policies.

California’s Sentencing Quagmire: Is a Commission the Solution?

Statewide Sentencing commission

Kate McCraken: It is time for California’s justice system to progress into a 21st century approach that is fair, equitable, and efficient.

Four Ways to Better Manage Jail Bed Space

la county jail

Kate McCraken: Counties that continue to rely on prisons and jails to contain their criminal element put unnecessary strain on their sheriffs. Criminal justice partners need to embrace county-specific interventions and apply community resources to reduce the use of incarceration and increase public safety.

Why Do Unsentenced Defendants Overflow California Jails?

jail overcrowding

Kate McCracken: In an era of Realignment where we continue to confine individuals who do not pose a threat to public safety solely based on their financial ability to post bail, we need to urge local practitioners to seek out these available resources.

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