About Kathleen Wallace

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest and can be reached at klwallace@riseup.net (on a personal note, thank you for the comments from previous articles– I have been asked if I am new to writing on CP, but I should clarify that my old pieces were under the name Kathleen Peine. No, not a Charley Hart issue like Quantrill. I’m not wanted (officially) under that name for livestock rustling double-crosses. Let’s just leave it at that.)

Gaza Gaslights: “The Saddest Photo Yet”

Missiles Hit Gaza

Kathleen Wallace: If my kid is at school and a murderer infiltrates the school……well, you don’t blow up the school to get the murderer. That would be….sociopathic.

Codifying the Worst of American Society

SCOTUS Hobby Lobby

Kathleen Wallace: Hating women is about as much of a red flag as hating any group. It says so much more about the one doing the hating than the groups they target.

The Rabbit Hole of Mainstream News


Kathleen Wallace: Small scale hoarders cause concern for neighbors due to rats, stink and fires, while billionaire hoarders cause exponential harm to the planet.

The ATV Caper: Mesquite Flavored Petulance

Cliven Bundy Protests

Kathleen Wallace: did read about Homeland Security showing up at a local Utah parade in a tank. I really have no idea why they would do something like that other than they probably like tearing around in that nasty, destructive machine and it was an excuse to do just that.

American Drapetomania – Racism in a Post-Racism World

Post-Racism World

Kathleen Wallace: We had to get the Donald Sterling tapes. I guess he owns some sort of gladiator type group that participates in large competitive events. I’m not sure on the details. But he doesn’t want the gladiators in the seats; that is for certain.

Rwanda Massacre Anniversary: Useful Tragedy Tales


Kathleen Wallace: The Rwandan tales will be used to justify all sorts of intervention amongst factions who happen to be taking up space on top of resources that are coveted.

International Empty Platitude Day: Where’s Emma Goldman When You Need Her?


International Womens Day: Can I get a piñata? Is mail delivered? Are bras optional? Do women in South Africa get a no rapin’ pass that day?

The Raid on Lawrence, Kansas


Quantrills Raid: This bizarre moment should give pause to us all when we consider the small and the large of our own lives.