About Kevin Sabet

Kevin A. Sabet is the former senior policy advisor to President Obama's drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske. He also advised the Bush and Clinton Administrations on drug policy and holds a doctorate in public policy from Oxford University. He currently is a fellow at the Center for Substance Abuse Solutions at Penn and a policy consultant for the United Nations and NGOs through www.kevinsabet.com. Follow him @kevinsabet

Hawaii’s Radical Drug Use Experiment

hawaiian palms

Kevin Sabet: A revolutionary program in the Pineapple State is shattering myths about how to deal with drug offenders who violate probation. If only the rest of the country would catch on.

The Case Against Medical Marijuana

medical mariuana

Kevin Sabet: But smoked marijuana is not medicine, and it is not based on science. Anyone living with smoked medical marijuana in their state knows that it has turned into a sad joke.

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