About Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese serves as Attorney General in the Green Shadow Cabinet, and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Bradley Manning Support Network and an organizer of Popular Resistance.

Cecily McMillan Trial Update: Halfway Through Picking The Jury


Kevin Zeese: Cecily claims that she was aggressively grabbed from behind by someone clenching her right breast and she instinctively reacted swinging her elbow around and hitting the person in the face.

NYPD Shame of New York: Drop Charges Against Cecily McMillan


Cecily McMillan was sexually assaulted, beaten unconscious and into seizures by NY Police now faces 7 years for felony assault.

The Obama Apology That Is Needed


Kevin Zeese: Even though single payer had the support of more than 60 percent of Americans, two-thirds of doctors as well as nurses, I ignored the desires of the people and instead worked with the insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry and for-profit hospitals.

Protesters Take Over US Trade Rep Building Expose Secret Negotiations

Anti-TPP activists pose after their successful protest drapped the US Trade Representative with four massive banners.

Kevin Zeese: The Obama administration has kept the TPP classified, making it the first-ever classification of a trade agreement.

The Effective Path To Controlling Chemical Weapons Is Not War

obama nobel

Kevin Zeese: President Obama Should Act Within The Rule of Law and Seek Prosecution of Members of the Assad Regime Under the Chemical Weapons Protocol Rather Than Wage an Illegal War

Is Obama Walking Into An Impeachment Trap?

White House photo: Pete Souza

Kevin Zeese: He began his presidency prematurely winning the Nobel Peace Prize and could end it being impeached for starting an illegal war without congressional or UN approval – violating both domestic and international law.

Manning Verdict Risks Freedom of the Press If People Do Not Act

bradley manning statue

Kevin Zeese: For a whistleblower who exposed war crimes and unethical behavior in U.S. foreign policy to be facing a lengthy prison term, while the people exposed by government documents are not even investigated, shows how confused the United States has become.

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