About Lance Simmens

Lance Simmens has spent nearly four decades in senior level public service positions. Follow him at LanceSimmens.com.

Politics and the Water’s Edge


Lance Simmens: With the blunt force obstructionism of ultra-right conservative politics and a nearly total breakdown in comity and civility comes a disturbing brand of hubris from the right that sounds more like sour grapes than sober analysis.


Conservatives Love Vladimir Putin

Lance Simmens: Ultra-conservative orthodoxy and its deep penetration into our political system have weakened the country more than any perceived Obama “weakness.”

Dysfunction, Inc.


It is absurdly ironic that Chairman Darrell Issa’s committee is technically identified as one devoted to government reform.

Bullying Is Not Tough


Chris Christie Bully: Christie makes a mockery of the tough guy branding he has so assiduously cultivated during his political career.

The State of the Union Is Stuck


State of the Union 2014 — There is never a time for capitulation; I cannot help but feel that the lack of a boldness evinces resignation.

Taking America Back(wards)


TPP Negotiations — We are staring at a repeat of a failed and flawed economic experiment that will result in further loss of jobs,.

Obama and Climate Change: Reflection, Redirection, and Restoration


Obama Climate Change — Use your considerable oratory skills to outline a bold, ambitious, and radical redirection.

Another Missed TPP Deadline Calls Pact’s Agenda into Question


TPP Deadline: Activists and Congressional leaders called the U.S. Trade Representative’s agenda for the pact into question.

The Pope as Political Philosopher


Lance Simmens: I am certainly not one driven to pore over papal pronouncements, but the compelling analysis of the contemporary social condition is a stark counterbalance to the relative dearth of what passes for analysis either in the media or political arenas.

Voices Raised Against Secret Trade Deal


Lance Simmens: Mr. President this is not the way to conduct the people’s business. You ran saying that you opposed fast track authority and yet here it is. You ran on the platform of transparency in policy making and yet here it isn’t.

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