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Larry Wines is editor of the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, and a former newspaper political columnist.

Another Smoking Hole in the Ground

Malaysian Airlines Plane

Larry Wines: Richard Engel, chief foreign correspondent for NBC, is offering background and informed speculation from his current post in Gaza. He’s interrupted.

How GOP Wants to Divide and Conquer California

Dividing California

Larry Wines: By carving-up California along the lines devised by the proposal’s chief advocate, a tech billionaire entrepreneur named Tim Draper, four of the six Californicated states would have Republican majorities.

Conspiracy? Who Said Conspiracy? “Oops Perry” Rides Again

Rick Perry

Larry Wines: Even with your new professorial glasses on. Maybe you need little screens in them so your handlers can type answers to send you.

4th of July Racist Parade Float Creates Outrage

Racist Parade Float

Larry Wines: We were prepared to heap shame on Norfolk, Nebraska, and opine that it’s little wonder they are a backwater in a fly-over state. But not so fast.

Teddy Roosevelt: Countering Whacky Assertions

Teddy Roosevelt Progressive Era

Larry Wines: Teddy Roosevelt was president because the way that you got rid of a politician in those days was to make them vice president.

“Guns Everywhere” Law Takes Effect Today in Georgia

Guns Everywhere Law

Larry Wine: ‘Member how nekkid evvahbuddy wuz feelin’ in church, wearing jez them slacks an’ shooz an’ a buttonup shart an’ TAAH?

On the Anniversary of her Disappearance, Amelia Earhart Still Inspires Us

Amelia Earhart Disappearance Anniversary

Larry Wines: Amelia Earhart vanished on a long ago July 2nd while attempting to become the first woman to fly around the world. In so many ways, she still speaks to us, a compelling feminine presence from long before the feminist movement, a determined woman who made up her mind to achieve bold things, and set about doing them.

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Against Women’s Contraception Coverage

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision

Larry Wines: Five conservative male justices have given an employer power to determine, based on their own personal religious beliefs, what their women employees’ health care will and will not include.

Remembering Howard Baker

Howard Baker

Larry Wines: Always respected on both sides of the aisle, Howard Baker came from the days when Republican politicians were sane.

Supreme Court Backs Anti-Choice Zealots

Anti-Choice Zealots

Larry Wines: How long before someone who is already emotionally distraught feels threatened by some screaming zealot whose tonsils are coming out of his mouth, and she pulls out her .38 and splatters his head all over the sidewalk?

D-Day, “The Longest Day,” Speaks to Every Generation

The Longest Day

Larry Wines: Today, saving the world for future generations seems to be a scattered and always urgent series of agendas and immediacies against an ever-changing lineup of adversaries.

How Not to Get Invited Back on TV


Larry Wines: Sunday morning brings Candy Crowley’s “State of the Union,” one of CNN’s weekly contributions to the parade of sabbath gasbags. This week’s edition brought a teachable moment from a segment that was all heat and no light.

Supremes Breach Wall Separating Church and State

Separating Church and State

Larry Wines: Excuse me, but aren’t the people who are most demanding of government prayer the very ones who engage in proselytizing, petitioning prayer, intimidatingly aimed like a weapon at non-Christians who must be “saved” by the superior Christians who are the sole impediment to the road to hell?

Ready for the Big One Yet?


Larry Wines: Solid ground isn’t solid. Things move. And we’ve come to understand the “how” and a lot of the “why,” and where it’s going.

NOAH?  Ah, No, Ah…


Larry Wines: When we see Supreme Court cases in religious swaddling clothes, a movie may appear trivial. It isn’t. Hollywood drives culture, beliefs and opinions disproportionately, just as TV megachuch pastors do.

The Final Word on Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps Died

Larry Wines: Unfortunately, Fred’s ideas have not died with him, but live on, not just among the members of Westboro Baptist Church, but among the many communities and small minds that refuse to recognize the equality and humanity of our brothers and sisters on this small planet we share.

The Most Serious Implications of a Missing Airliner

Missing Malaysian Airliner

Larry Wines: The search isn’t about closure for victims’ families. It’s about fear, and they’re revealing secrets the bad guys can use.

An Olympic Moment, or a Shot-Heard-Round-the-Media?


Noelle Pikus-Pace: It feels like somebody slipped one of those supermarket checkstand women’s magazines into the sports section.

Do Politicians’ Birthdays on Commemorative Days Explain Everything?


National Days — What if we matched officially declared commemorative days with the birthdays of political figures and political pundits?

December 7th, Then and Now…


Pearl Harbor Day : The Greatest Generation quite literally saved the world from continued genocide and brutal repression that knew no bounds.

An MVP in the World Series of Consumerism?


Larry Wines: Don’t even think about stopping to think, or you might miss an online bargain today, or fail to do your part in setting new profit statistics for some multinational megagiant corporation who gets their stuff for 9% of what you pay for it.

Sustainability and Public Policy: It’s Personal


Larry Wines: Please explain why so many people with money make ostentatious demonstrations of decadence and don’t give a rat’s ass what is sustainable for the rest of us.

A Final Word on November 22: The Day We Lost the Future of the Future


Larry Wines: It is certain that America lost its innocence and its faith in its leaders during the 1960s and 1970s. And it’s certain that began on November 22, 1963.

Go, But Watch Out for GOCE


Larry Wines: We really need to coordinate these things. If GOCE could just hit Typhoon Haiyan, we could consolidate our concerns. And a viral video that would beat the cat-playing-piano on YouTube.

The Real Significance of the 2013 Elections


Larry Wines: In New Jersey, Democrats will conduct a post-mortem. Everywhere else, it’s not too soon to begin opposition research. While he is the bane of the Teapublicans, what accounts for Christie luring the votes of moderates and the traditional Democratic Party base, when he is way to the right of their views?

Fallout Fragments


Larry Wines: One group was dissuaded from having a mascot wearing an enormous tea bag, for fear the public would boil him.

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