Larry Wines

larry-wines-informalLarry Wines is editor of the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, and a former newspaper political columnist.

A Little Perspective, Please?

GermanWings Airbus 320 flight

Larry Wines: Of course they’ll try to publicly psychoanalyze the pilot with a gaggle of gasbag pop psychologists on retainer for just such occasions. They’ll put his family through hell, and be very self-righteous about “the public’s right to KNOW!”

The Declaration of Insurrection

Congress Writes Iran

Larry Wines: Even though we don’t like you, we are perfectly fine with using you to show George Washington who is really in charge here.

Riding for the Homeland Security Ranch

TSA Workers

Larry Wines: Congressional absolutist dumbbells are quite literally playing with fire. Temper-tantrum babies. And they’re not much different from kids playing with matches in the hayloft, with barrels of lamp oil and a lot of nervous livestock in the barn.

Israel, We Need to Talk

Boycott Netanyahu Speech

Larry Wines: We hope your new government will pursue the policy your people say you want, and find a just, equitable and lasting peace with your countrymen who are Palestinian.

Second-Tier Fear

Kim Jong Un Haircut

Larry Wines: Seems some in the West (according to the Wolf Man, Wolf Blitzer) are interpreting Kim Jung Un’s new “extreme flattop” as a form of saber-rattling.

Society’s Tuition

Muslim Students Murdered

Larry Wines: There IS a reason why we still have a death penalty. Even if you oppose capital punishment with every fiber of your being, you must be able to see why it’s still there, when you are confronted with this.

Kayla Mueller. And Her Letter.

Kayla Mueller

Larry Wines: This remarkable young woman taught songs and origami to her captor’s guards. She taught them to fold paper cranes, the symbol of peace in Japan, where origami originated. And, in secret, she wrote an incredible letter.

Image Management: What Celebrities and Politicos Share

Video thumbnail for youtube video Image Management: What Celebrities and Politicos Share - LA Progressive

Larry Wines: Had he been quick on his feet, we could have heard a key celebrity tabloid media figure confronted with the big question: whether any of those photos of a celebrity behaving badly is, in fact, the planned outcome of a publicist saying, “You’re not in the news cycle enough. Time to act-out.”

Cyberian Economics 101

information-based economy

Larry Wines: They kept telling us, for a long time, that we shouldn’t worry about not making anything in America anymore, because we could all have jobs in the ever-expanding “services-based economy.”