About Lauren N. Nile, Esq

Lauren N. Nile is an attorney and international speaker who has worked as a consultant specializing in the prevention of sexual harassment and managing cultural diversity in the workplace. Ms. Nile has conducted Equal Employment Opportunity training for the EOP, which included members of the White House staff. Ms. Nile authored the nationally recognized Guide for Diversity Trainers Manual. As a consultant, she has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

Ms. Nile holds a B.A. degree in Philosophy from The University of New Orleans, an M.A. degree in Philosophy from The University of Connecticut and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Cornell University’s School of Law.

Death of the Republican Snooker Strategy

Paul Ryan and Todd Akin

Lauren N. Nile, Esq.: The Tea Party is exposing mainstream Republicans’ Strategy. Tea Partiers, in fact, are exposing all of the Republicans’ lies.

The American Nightmare: Today’s Reality but Not Forever


he America described in my article, “The American Dream: A Dream Deferred but Not Forever” is not the America of this piece. This post is about another America. In this America the citizenry believes that health care is a right for those who can afford to pay for it. In this America, even if the [...]

The American Dream: Deferred for Now but Not Forever

American Landscape wide

ecently, on CNN’s Sunday morning financial show, “Your Money”, CNN contributor Will Cain commented that contemporary American politics is partisan perhaps beyond anything that we’ve ever seen in the history of the country, because the country itself is more divided along partisan and ideological lines than ever before. I agree with Mr. Cain. In my [...]

Black Like Me at Cornell Law School

Cornell Law School

Lauren Nile: I wish America’s Caucasian population could experience American society as African-Americans experience it for 24 hours.

Romney Revealed – Race and Rampant Stereotypes

willard romney

Lauren Nile: Mitt Romney’s speach at the NAACP Convention this week revealed his unconscious racism of low expectations

Skin Color, Eye Color and Arbitrary Hierarchies


Lauren Nile: Our misunderstanding of race is one of the most significant factors that has greatly decelerated our evolution as a species.

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