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Lauren Steiner is a long time political activist who has been involved with SoCal Grassroots, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, the California Clean Money Campaign Occupy LA, Occupy Venice, Food and Water Watch, Hunger Action LA, the LA Food Policy Council and the Coalition Against Nukes. Recently she organized a grassroots campaign to fight SB4, the weak fracking regulatory bill that Governor Brown recently signed that will ramp up fracking in California. She continues to plan actions that fight the privatization of public institutions and public goods for the benefit of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Social Movement Unionism Comes to the Teachers Unions at Last

Social Movement Unionism

Lauren Steiner: To see a bureaucratic, top down institution like a teachers union come to the realization that they must work with parents and community organizations as partners and be transparent and inclusive in their negotiating process, was refreshing.

Journalism’s New Low: LA Times Uses Facebook Trolls for Protest Coverage


Lauren Steiner: While seven TV stations sent crews and aired stories on their afternoon and evening newscasts,,,the LA Times once again chose not to send a reporter or even a photographer to cover this protest of a major national issue of concern.

5 Things to Do This Week to Derail the TPP Fast Track

stop tpp

Derail the TPP Fast Track — We can agree that decisions that affect all of us should not be made in secret without input from the public.

LA Fractivists Protest NY Gov. Cuomo at Swanky Hollywood Fundraiser


Fracking Activists Protest Cuomo — A small but mighty group of LA fractivists descended upon Andrew Cuomo’s swanky Hollywood fundraiser .

Constituents Opposing TPP Fast Track Locked Out of Congressman Becerra’s Office


Opposing TPP Fast Track — The Congressman can develop personal relationships with Chamber employees, but constituents have no such access.

#WakeUp2014 Theme of “Occupy the Rose Parade”


Lauren Steiner: dc]W[/dc]e need YOU to help raise awareness of the event. Join the Twitter Storm on Tuesday at 4 pm PST. Follow us on Twitter @AwakeCoalition to for information about the storm aOccupy the Rose Parade — Join the Twitter Storm on Tuesday at 4 pm PST. Follow us on Twitter @AwakeCoalition.nd the livestream and for live tweets during the parade.

TPP Protesters Greet President Obama in Beverly Hills — in Pictures


Lauren Steiner: 250 protesters greeted President Obama in Beverly Hills to tell him to flush the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Here’s how the day and night went in pictures.

Tell Obama, Reid and Pelosi to Flush the TPP: Beverly Hills, November 25th


Lauren Steiner: On Monday, November 25, as many as 500 people will be the first to take the public protests of the secret trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) directly to the President, the Senate Majority Leader and the House Minority Leader when they come to town for two high dollar Democratic Party fundraisers.

Rally to Ban Fracking — August 12th

Tell Fran Pavley to drop weak fracking regulatory bill and fight for a ban instead.

California’s Fracking Regulatory Bill: Less Than Zero

don't frack california

Lauren Steiner: Regulations can neither prevent nor mitigate the disastrous consequences inherent to fracking. We need to keep the carbon in the ground.

A Conversation with Alan Grayson

alan grayson

In this half hour interview, Lauren Steiner, a political activist and frequent contributor to the LA Progressive, talks to US Congressman Alan Grayson.

Save the US Postal Service, Not Just the Buildings

santa monica post office

Lauren Steiner: Maybe, if we’re lucky enough, the new private owner will be a restaurant or some other entity that will preserve the historic lobby of the building for members of the public to see – at least those members willing and able to pay for a meal.

Constituents Tell Waxman: No Cuts to Food Stamps

no to farm bill

Lauren Steiner: So while America is supposedly coming out of the recession, many Americans are not experiencing any relief. 50 million Americans live in food insecure homes, including 17 million children.

Stop the Koch Brothers Buy of the LA Times – May 23 Rally


Lauren Steiner: Please help us spread the word across Los Angeles! Come with signs that say “Bruce Karsh, please don’t sell the LA Times to the Kochs” and “Bruce Karsh, our democracy is not for sale” We are gathering Thursday, May 23 for a rally and march.

Stop Sale of the LA Times to the Koch Brothers – May 23rd

Courtesy blogs.citypaper.com

Lauren Steiner: The president of Oaktree Capital Management, is poised to sell the LA Times to the Koch Brothers but Angelenos don’t have to sit by and let that happen.

How You Can Help Ban Fracking in California

oil fracking

Lauren Steiner: For those of you who are worried about hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as fracking, coming to California, you might be shocked to find that it is already here.

Tar Sands Blockade

Tar Sands

Lauren Steiner: You are invited to come stand with us in solidarity with Idle No More and Tar Sands Blockaders everywhere on January 28th in peaceful, unified protest of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) – funded Keystone XI Pipeline.

Occupiers Rally in Beverly Hills Park Wednesday Evening

occupy beverly hills

On Wednesday, February 15 from 4 – 7:30 pm, Occupiers will rally at the Will Rogers Memorial Park at9650 Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills to call attention to the corrupting influence of money in politics.

The Revolution Will Be Livestreamed


Lauren Steiner: Since the mainstream media, even MSNBC, is owned by large corporations representing the top 1%, we cannot count on them to serve as the check on government that our Founders intended the press to be.

“Where Soldiers Come From”

where soldiers come from

Lauren Steiner: One can listen to anti-war activists and speeches all day long. But nothing is more effective than drawing your own conclusions from the actual stories of these apolitical soldiers who, whether for money, a fully paid education, adventure and/or camaraderie, go to fight and then die.

On 10-10-10 Fight Big Oil and Big Coal


Lauren Steiner: Stand up and be counted at rallies and public hearings. Make telephone calls, sign petitions and write letters to public officials and newspapers and get your friends to do the same. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” There is so much you can do. Learn more here.

West L.A. Screening, Panel Session Benefits Clean Money’s “Yes on Prop 15″ Campaign

casino jack screening

On Thursday, May 20, leading Los Angeles activists groups are hosting a benefit screening of Casino Jack and the United States of Money in West Los Angeles to benefit the “Yes on Prop 15” campaign.

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