About Leslie Radford

Leslie Radford is an essayist, freelance journalist, and an adjunct professor of communication. She can be reached at lradford@radiojustice.net. The people at Fuerza Hendandez, if it's still standing, can be contacted at occupyforthernandez@gmail.com

Hernandez Family Foreclosure Sparks Anti-Eviction Outrage

hernandez eviction

Leslie Radford: What is the nation’s second-longest occupation ended Thursday morning when the family and their friends were awakened by the sound of the slamming doors of dozens of law enforcement vehicles surrounding the 1400 block of Leadwell Street in Van Nuys.

Everybody’s Home: An Unlikely Alliance Challenges the Financial Borg

fuerza hernandez

Leslie Radford: The best, best outcome of this would be that anybody facing eviction, being thrown out on the streets, wrongful eviction, fraudulent eviction, that they question their loan, that they put a wall, or at least show resistance.

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