About Lisa Goldwag Kassner

Lisa Goldwag Kassner is an active member of the Los Angeles Jewish community, and a San Fernando Valley area volunteer coordinator for the California Label GMOs campaign. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Government from Pomona College and an Associate in Risk Management. She may be reached at gefishproject@gmail.com.

Back to the Fight Against GMOs


Lisa Goldwag Kassner: We have another chance to get labeling of GMOs for retail sale passed in California this year with an improved, simpler version of Prop. 37. It is called SB 1381, and it’s currently being considered by the State Senate.

TPP Nightmare Looming


TPP Nightmare. Millions of jobs have already been lost through WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and trade agreements with China and Korea.

Genetically Engineered Salmon: Coming Soon To Sushi Near You?


Lisa Goldwag Kassner: Do you want to be experimented on by eating sushi, salmon fillet, or bagels and lox made with a new type of salmon with eel genes in it – salmon which hasn’t been adequately tested for human consumption or environmental safety?

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