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I am a student of history, religion, exoteric and esoteric, the Humanities in general and a tempered advocate for peace, justice and the unity of humankind through self-realization and mutual respect, although I am not a pacifist, nor do I believe in peace at any price, which is no peace at all but only delays inevitable conflict. There are times when the world must act. Planetary consciousness is evolving, but there are many retrograde forces that would dumb us back down.

I have also written one book, a combination of poetry, photography and essays entitled "Post Katrina Blues", my reflections on the Gulf Coast and New Orleans two years after Katrina struck. Go to the store at http://sanfranciscobaypress.com/ to purchase. And I also have a blog called Plutonian Mac.

The Pen Proves Mightier than the Chicotte: Le Roi Souverain Tombe

congo father

Mac Mckinney: King Leopold, ever the unscrupulous businessman and con artist, now sensed that it was time to hold a transfer of sale to a decidedly captive customer, his own homeland, Belgium. If he had to relinquish the Congo, he would at least replenish his coffers doing so.

The Pen Proves Mightier than the Chicotte: Full Scale War


Mac McKinney: King Leopold’s Free Congo ship of state was now beginning to take on water, so he had little left to do but man the pumps, plug the leaks and counterattack by every means available.

Congo: The Pen Proves Mightier than the Chicotte — Assaulting Leopold’s Castle Walls


Mac McKinney: Most valuable among his informants were American, British, and Swedish missionaries, who could often evade the Congo Free State’s growing web of heavy censorship because they had their own steamboats and couriers.

The Pen Proves Mightier than the Chicotte: 1st Battle

bangala tribe

Mac Mckinney: This had really been the first battle in what would evolve into a relentless and global propaganda war, and Williams was really the first martyr in the Good Cause of wrestling the Congo from Leopold’s “talons” through the power of the pen.

Congo: The Horror Crescendos

congo punch cartoon rubber slaves

Mac Mckinney: In the 1880s, scores of restless, often unsavory Europeans and other adventurers with appetites for quick wealth stumbled into the Congo in response to the colonial call to “civilize” and develop this unknown territory.

The Horror Begins: Forward to the Past in the D.R. Congo

king leopold

Mac McKinney: Even before the Congo Free State was formally inaugurated on August 1st, 1985, de Winton went about disenfranchising as many native inhabitants as possible from their traditional lands.

Le Roi-Souverain of the Congo Free State

congo river

Mac McKinney: King Leopold II could actually be characterized as an arguable prototype for various 20th Century, disreputable political stereotypes such as egomaniac dictators, racist imperialists, Orwellian Double-Speakers several decades before Orwell was even born

Dahlia Wasfi and the Tragedy of Iraq, Part 4

Women and children in Iraq (Photobucket Commons)

Mac McKinney: As Dahlia has already noted in previous statements in this series, the US Government stepped over into the dark side, as was also done, for example, in Vietnam and elsewhere to try to secure, if not victory at least “stability” in a target country.

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Dahlia Wasfi and the Tragedy of Iraq, Part 3

dahlia at the naro

Mac McKinney: The present conflict in Iraq reminds Wasfi of a joke her father told her of Britain’s earlier colonial strategy, “If you see two fish fighting in the sea, look around for the British guy who started it.” It’s the strategy of divide and conquer.

Dahlia Wasfi and the Tragedy of Iraq, Part 2

Dahlia Wasfi

Mac McKinney: We’ve been primed for decades to think of Arabs and Moslems in general in three categories: camel jockeys, oil sheiks or terrorists. You don’t find those booths on career day, but this is how we’ve been trained.

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Dahlia Wasfi and the Tragedy of Iraq

Punching through Fallujah with maximum carnage. (Photobucket Commons )

Mac McKinney: These two wars were also interspersed by severe sanctions against Iraq by Bill Clinton in the latter 1990s that led to hardship, impoverishment, even death for countless Iraqis, and through all these destructive events, Dahlia’s and Ross’s lives crossed, and here I was, interviewing them both.

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