About Mary Theroux

Mary L. G. Theroux is Senior Vice President at The Independent Institute and Managing Director of Lightning Ventures. She is Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Alameda County Salvation Army; former Chairman of the San Francisco Salvation Army Advisory Board, and a Member of the National Advisory Board of The Salvation Army. - See more at: http://www.independent.org/newsroom/article.asp?id=4657#sthash.UBw5Fkgs.dpuf

Affordable Housing Rules Produce Opposite Result


Mary Theroux: The simplest way to improve access to affordable housing is to let builders add to the supply of housing, regardless of the price they hope to charge.

Want Affordable Housing? Let Builders Build


Mary Theroux: In the California communities that have adopted inclusionary zoning laws, where prices are held artificially low, supply decreases, driving prices of all homes higher.

Obama: Fool Me Thrice, Shame on Whom?

Obama Phoning

Mary L. G. Theroux: There have been more than 300 drone strikes in Pakistan under President Obama—more than six times as under President Bush—killing hundreds of civilians, 64 children, and four Americans.

Edward Snowden Not the Story


Mary L.G. Theroux: If we today make Edward Snowden the story—if we ask, “Where’s Snowden?” rather than “What’s the U.S. intelligence community doing to Americans’ civil liberties?”—we censure our whistle-blowing protectors as traitors, renounce our rights to privacy, and sanction a government completely “unchained” from the Constitution’s checks.

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