About Maureen O'Hagan

Maureen O'Hagan is a reporter for Equal Voices News.

How Would YOU Spend a Million in Public Money?


Participatory Budgeting Project: Thousands of Chicago residents are getting the opportunity to make budgeting decisions.

Immigration Reform Groups Vow ‘Electoral Punishment’


Electoral Punishment: Immigrant rights groups’ strategy: “electoral punishment” of any lawmaker who gets in the way of immigration reform.

Unlikely Allies: Immigration, LGBT Groups Seek Equality


Maureen O’Hagan: Immigration reform groups noticed that gay rights groups were able not only to change laws but also to refocus the debate: Gay marriage wasn’t only a sexual orientation issue; it was an equality issue.

Can a 1-Percenter Save Troubled Mortgages?


Maureen O’Hagan: Maybe. But the idea of using government power to “seize” mortgages in “underwater” neighborhoods wasn’t getting anywhere until the 99 percent got involved.

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