About Melina Abdullah and Hasira Ashemu

Melina Abdullah joined the CSLA faculty in Fall 2002. Prior to joining the Pan-African Studies Department, she served as Visiting Professor at Scripps College in the Department of Politics and Political Science Instructor at West Los Angeles College. What drives Professor Abdullah is an intense passion for the study of power allocation, a commitment to making the distribution of resources more equitable, and an intense affinity for working with students.

Hasira Ashemu is a prolific writer, speaker, progressive social activist, and communications professional with more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning columnist and radio/television journalist. Hasira also lived in Ghana, West Africa for over ten years working in the non-profit and governmental sectors as a communication specialist. Currently Hasira is the Senior Communications Specialist at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and a Howard University Communications Alum

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Jay Z vs. Harry Belafonte

jay z

Melina Abdullah & Hasira Ashemu: Most of us have fallen for his rap, hook, line and sinker. But it has always been the role of wise elders, to redirect us when we stray.

Racism Unmasked: From Paula Deen to the Supreme Court


Melina Abdullah & Hasira Ashemu: Rather than simply falling in line, people of color and anti-racist Whites alike must demand that we pull back the curtain on the wizards that have firmly held the levers of institutional power for hundreds of years.

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