About Melina Abdullah

Melina Abdullah joined the CSLA faculty in Fall 2002. Prior to joining the Pan-African Studies Department, she served as Visiting Professor at Scripps College in the Department of Politics and Political Science Instructor at West Los Angeles College. What drives Professor Abdullah is an intense passion for the study of power allocation, a commitment to making the distribution of resources more equitable, and an intense affinity for working with students.

Legacy of Abolitionism — Saturday, 15 February


Legacy of Abolitionism: Join us for a panel session on the lessons that can be drawn from the Abolitionist movement in the United States.

Marching on Washington: From Symbolism to Substance

dream rally

Melina Abudllah: While commemoration has its place, amidst the pomp and circumstance of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington we seem to have lost the point of it all.

Mama Brigade: We Believe That We Will Win


Melina Abdullah: As the darting eyes of this growing, interlocking body of young people begin to settle on the prize – on the toppling of the racist, classist, oppressive regime — I am renewed, relieved and resolved to take my rightful place as a part of the Mama Brigade, pushing the young ones forward.

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