About Michele Sutter

Michele Sutter is a volunteer organizer with The Money Out Voters In Coalition and lives in Venice.

Los Angeles 28th Amendment National Roadshow


The 28th Amendment National Roadshow blasts off with Cenk Uygur and feature film preview at UCLA School of Law on April 26th.

Operation Primal Scream — Friday, May 10th


The Money Out Voters In Coalition joins the Move To Amend call for a National Day of Action to demand an end to the era of unlimited money in our political process and the assertion of corporate rights over human rights

Prop C: “If We Don’t Get This Done, We’re Finished”!

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Michele Sutter: Proposition C is a non-binding resolution, but it has the potential to be a clarion call to our elected representatives at all levels that We the People are instructing them to fix this SCOTUS driven perversion of the Constitution through the amendment process.

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