About Mike Males

Mike A. Males is a Senior Research Fellow at CJCJ. He has contributed research and co-authored numerous CJCJ publications, including on issues of drug policy, 3-strikes law, criminal justice realignment, and juvenile justice reform.

Dr. Males has a Ph.D. in Social Ecology from U.C. Irvine and over 12 years of experience working in youth programs. He is also content director of Youth Facts (www.YouthFacts.org)

California’s Radical De-Incarceration Experiment


De-Incarceration: By managing offenders at the local level, California’s counties can develop solutions rooted in best practices.

President Obama to Youth of Color: You’re on Your Own


Mike Males: When it comes to young people, Obama should remain unforgiven for not even trying to address their critical issues.

Inflamed Rhetoric, Senseless Killings, Light Verdicts: Grownups, “Stand Your Ground”

Black Man

Senseless Killings: Only tiny fractions of any race or age conform to the worst stereotypes of their demographic group.

Is Child Prostitution the Real Epidemic?


Child Prostitution: The silence toward domestic violence victimizing children warps the entire discussion of what we call “youth problems.”

Only Certain Young Victims Matter


Young Crime Victims: We indulge the easy stuff while avoiding tough problem analysis and policy reform.

White House Should Quit Grandstanding and Confront Serious Realities About Rape


Confronting Rape — The White House report barely mentioned a huge, crucial class of victims—children and teenagers in domestic violence.

Another Round of “Knockout Game” Idiocy


Mike Males: What is it that makes so many adult brains go haywire when discussing teenagers, to the point that they abandon all sense of logic, fairness, reason, and even basic reality?

Why Don’t Youth Curfews Work?


Mike Males: Doesn’t it seem logical that a curfew requiring police to remove an entire group of people from public spaces for hours would at least reduce public crimes and safety risks involving that group? Well, it doesn’t.

Why the Gigantic, Decades-Long Drop in Black Youth Crime Threatens Major Interests

black arrests

Mike Males: Black Youth Crime rates have plummeted in the last 20 yrs, a distressing development for powerful interests. You won’t find that in any major-media report.

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