About Munir Moon

Munir Moon is a social entrepreneur and is a former financial industry executive. He holds a BS in engineering, an MS in economics and an MBA in finance from UCLA. This article is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, "The Beltway Beast: A Challenge to Our Democracy."

Pay Off $1 Trillion in Student Loans by Closing Overseas Military Bases

student loan crisis

Munir Moon: About 6.7 million of all student borrowers are delinquent on their payments by three months or longer. Compounding the problem is that student debt cannot be discharged through bankruptcies.

Time to End U.S. Obsession with Iran’s Nuclear Program


Iran Nuclear Program — It should be evident that Iran has no reason to attack the U.S. – nor the capability to do so, just like Iraq.

What Drone Technology Has Unleashed


Munir Moon: Al-Qaeda could not have imagined that Washington would be doing its work for them by keeping America in a never-ending state of war and fear while losing our privacy and civil liberties.

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