Same Old, Same Old

Dick Cheney Draft Dodger

Murray Polner: Never underestimate Cheney. He’s a shrewd survivor. His vision of an America strong enough to police the world and take on all comers still commands extensive support.

Silent Rabbis

Silent Rabbis

Murray Polner: The truth is the Israel lobby doesn’t speak for the majority of us. We were never “One” as a long-discarded UJA fundraising slogan once went. We’re extremely diverse: Zionist, non-Zionist, anti-Zionist, radical, liberal, conservative, reactionary.

Washington’s War Fever

war fever

Murray Polner: Washington is overflowing with living room heroes who bear no responsibility for the appalling outcomes of the wars they urge on the nation and its presidents.

Doing Business the Same Old Way

US Defending Estonia

Murray Polner: Can you imagine the hysteria and fear mongering in Washington if Putin dared send 200 Russian soldiers to, say, Cuba, Venezuela , Bolivia or Ecuador?

Legless Veteran: A Real War Hero

James Kutcher

Murray Polner: “Legless Veteran” was aimed at three targets: The U.S. Government, opportunistic and scurrilous profiteers of an anti-Red crusade gone mad, and the Communist Party, perhaps because of the longstanding hostility between Stalin and Trotsky.

Failing Our Veterans

vietnam veteran

Murray Polner: Our inevitable future wars will cost far more. And those who serve will learn, just as Vietnam vets learned, that those who send them to war will never be as bighearted as they were to WWII and Korean vets.

A Very Loud Silence

New York Times Gaza

Murray Polner: How is it that for eight long days (at this writing), its editorial board has chosen to remain voiceless during the Israeli-Palestinian Gaza War, with its pitiless air war, soaring rockets, a growing army of refugees, and mounting civilian deaths?

New York Times Neocons Slither Back

New York Times Neocons Slither Back

Murray Polner: It’s far too early to make definitive judgments about the future of Iraq, Syria, ISIS and the Middle East. But Margaret Sullivan is dead right that “readers have good reason to be wary about what appears in the paper about military intervention in Iraq.”

The Sixties, the Vietnam War & the Draft

Resisting the Vietnam War

Murray Polner: What draft-age resisters did best was to clog the draft boards and courts and in many other ways confront the government’s war machinery. They helped create the most important anti-war force in American history.

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