About Nezar AlSayyad

Nezar AlSayyad is a professor of architecture, planning, urban design and urban history, and is chair of UC Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. He is an expert on Egypt and the urban histories and traditions of the Arab world. He writes about culture, politics and the built environment. AlSayyad has authored and edited several books on housing, identity, tradition, urbanism, urban design, urban history, urban informality, tourism and the virtual world. He also has produced and directed two public television documentaries: “Virtual Cairo” and “At Home with Mother Earth.” His most recent book is "Cairo: Histories of a City," Harvard University Press, 2011.

Egypt’s Coming Islamic State


Nezar AlSayyad: When Morsi issued a decree granting himself unlimited emergency powers, allowing him to hold executive and legislative authority, while shielding himself from any possible judicial challenges, the opposition rightfully compared him to Mubarak and started to call him a dictator and a Pharaoh.

The Arab Spring’s First Dictator


Nezar AlSayyad: The Arab World celebrated the fall of several of its most brutal dictators but last week it witnessed the meteoric rise of yet a new dictator, President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt.

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