About Rebecca Band

Rebecca Greenberg Band has served as California Labor Federation Communications Organizer since 2007, where she coordinates traditional and new media, as well as member communications to the Federation's 1,200 unions and 2.1 million members. Rebecca is the editor of Labor's Edge and manages the Labor Federation's Facebook and Twitter pages. She lives in El Sobrante with her husband and three pets.

Keep Your Burgers, Keep Your Fries: We Want Our Wages Supersized!


Supersize My Pay — Fast-food is one of the most profitable industries in our country, and yet the vast majority of fast-food workers earn poverty wages

Skip the Shopping Line; Spend Black Friday on the Picket Line


Rebecca Band: On Black Friday (November 29th) Walmart workers and supporters are once again holding a massive day of action at the retail giant’s locations around the country, asking the country’s largest employer to pay its workers a living wage.

Governor Brown Signs Historic Minimum Wage Increase

brown minimum wage

Rebecca Band: Governor Brown made history by signing AB 10 (Alejo), a sorely-needed and long-overdue wage increase for California’s lowest-wage workers that passed through the Legislature with strong support from the California Labor movement.

Young Workers Speak Up at LA’s AFL-CIO Convention

galen hooks

Rebecca Band: Under Galen Hooks’ leadership, music video dancers (who are almost all younger workers) finally secured a union contract after 30 years without that protection.

Kids These Days: Unions, Workers’ Rights and the “Now” Generation

verizon union

Rebecca Band: We can turn the tables on corporate greed. We can expand our ranks to non-traditional organizing efforts. We can connect with young people in our communities, and educate them about what unions have to offer for them.

Union Leaders and Activists Descend on Sacramento to Support Labor’s Legislative Agenda

john perez

Rebecca Brand: From corporate tax breaks to immigration reform to environmental protections and health care, we’re working with hundreds unions across the state to move one of our most aggressive legislative campaigns in California history.

Foreclosures Down 75% on Heels of Homeowners Bill of Rights

kamala harris

Rebecca Band: Our housing market does appear to be rising above the politics of decline since the enactment of the Homeowners Bill of Rights, and it’s in large part due to the outpouring of support from working families from all walks of life

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